HT, IE among 47 Delhi newspapers have dared not to implement Majithia Award

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Except four newspapers namely; The Hindu, The Tribune, The Decan Herald and Bennet Coleman & Company (publishers of The Times of India, Economic Times and Navbharat Times) and one news agency i.e. the Press Trust of India no newspaper/news agency being published from Delhi has implemented the Majithia Award. This has been revealed in the affidavit of the Government of Delhi submitted by Dr. Madhu Teotia, Labour Commissioner of Government of NCT of Delhi.

According to the report, the Labour Department carried out the inspection in 77 newspaper establishments and 2 news agencies, which included 26 one-man establishments in which Wage Boards are not applicable. Out of remaining 53 newspapers, establishments/news agencies only four above named newspapers establishments have implemented the Award. Other newspapers have not at all implemented the Award.

Strangely, three important newspapers namely; Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar and Hind Samachar have skirted the implementation in the name of Section – 20j of the Majithia Wage Board recommendations. It will be interesting to know that according to Section – 20j of the Majithia Wage Board recommendations, the employees could exercise the option of not taking the advantage of the Wage Revision provided they were satisfied with wages, they have already been getting. The wages, which are being given to the employees of Dainik Jagran, and Dainik Bhaskar are less than 1/3rd of the Wage Boards recommendations.

It is all the more interesting to know that the option was to be utilised by the employees within three weeks of the notification of the Award. However, if the employees were highly satisfied with the ‘princely amount’ of wages given by these newspapers, then what was the need for these newspapers to have filed Writ Petitions in the Supreme Court of India against the Award? Further, if the employees were so satisfied with the ‘handsome’ salaries, then why did they approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for the implementation of the Award? And if the Hon’ble Supreme had accepted their version then what was the need for it to appoint the special labour Inspectors to find out the status? Thus, it appears that these newspapers are telling the blatant lie with no fear to the law or law enforcing agencies.

What is highly baffling is that the important newspapers like the Hindustan Times (H.T. Media Ltd.), Hindustan Media Venture Ltd., the Statesman, India Today, Amar Ujala and Sahara India have openly dared to have not implemented the Award. Indian Express is another major newspaper, which has been audacious enough not to provide any information to the Labour Department.

Meanwhile, the Government of Jharkhand has also filed its status report and the same will be shared tomorrow.

Parmanand Pandey

Secy. Gen.


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Comments on “HT, IE among 47 Delhi newspapers have dared not to implement Majithia Award

  • Dear Parmanandji,
    Even the four newspapers you have mentioned, namely The Hindu, The Tribune, The Deccan Herald and Bennet Coleman &Co, have implemented the wage board awards only partially. All the four newspapers are paying lesser Dearness Allowance to their employees by following a different Dearness Allowance formula dictated by the INS (189 Base and Divisor), which reduces the DA substantially. They are not following the Gazette Notified 167 Base and Divisor formula.
    While PTI is paying its employees Dearness Allowance for Variable Pay also under the Gazette envisaged formula, the four newspapers you have mentioned are not paying proper DA even for the Basic Pay.
    It is high time that the Labour Commissioners stop sending/forwarding the report given by the print media managements like a postman. They should at least check one or two salary slips of employees of concerned companies to ensure that wage board award is implemented properly and fully, as per the recommendations of Hon Justice (retd) Majithia and as envisaged in the Gazette.
    Justice should not only be done, it must also be seen to be done.

  • Akhilesh Dubey says:

    Government can check PF status in one clik for any employee to check that they got majithia or not.
    EPFO is Online for any newspaper.
    everything will be clear. 😛

  • Dear Mr Akhilesh,

    PF Commissioners are of little help. They too are not willing to calculate Dearness Allowance for the workers. While Labour Commissioners escape through ignorance of calculation, PF Commissioners escape by stating as long as there is no specific direction (letter to an employee) from the LCs regarding total emoluments of a worker for calculating PF contribution, PF office considers information given by his employer.

    PF Commissioners say they cannot calculate Dearness Allowance with the help of Government direction. It is the job of Labour Commissioner.

    Unless, either the Labour Minister Mr Bandaru Dattatreya or the Hon Supreme Court intervene and openly issue a statement that Dearness Allowance should be disbursed according to the Govt Notified 167 Base and Divisor formula only, nothing is going to help the employees, as employers are bent upon scuttling the benefits by forming a cartel


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