नदीम अहमद काजमी ने बिल्डर से कांट्रैक्ट साइन करने की इच्छा के कारण प्रेस क्लब इलेक्शन टलवाया?

: Raise a voice against delay in elections and demand immediate elections : New Delhi : On March 23, 2015, the office bearers and managing committee of the PRESS CLUB OF INDIA (PCI) held a meeting in which it was decided to postpone the Club’s elections, which were originally scheduled to take place in March. 

It is learnt that this is all the game-plan of the Club’s current Secretary General Nadeem Ahmad Kazmi, who wants to inordinately postpone the elections, so that he gets the chance to sign the contract with a builder to construct the new building for the Press Club, and, pocket hefty commission amount. I urge upon all the Press Club members to raise a voice against this (delay in elections), and demand immediate elections.

Press Club’s Assange… a whistle-blower…

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