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Sub: Seeking your immediate attention towards the brutal murder of my daughter by her own husband

Respected Sir,

As I have taken a pen in my hand to convey the magnitude of my anguish to you, I am observing that my fingers are trembling and the rivulets of tears are gushing forth, drenching my whole face. Sir, I am a helpless father whose daughter had been hacked to death by her husband Dharmendra Jha purportedly on 2nd of March 2015. My daughter Puja Kumari was barely of 25 years old when the ugly clutches of death had taken her away from us. Uglier still, the murderer Dharmendra Jha still remains at large till date despite police conducting ostensible raids to trace him and other members of his family.

Further, the heart rending part of the saga is this: Puja Kumari had left behind a son Kehav Jha, who is of six years old and a daughter Sharda, who is of three years old–both have been taken away by their murdered father to an unknown destination, leading to a speculation about their well being in the hands of their own father who had killed their mother and perhaps might even be thinking of getting rid of his children.

Sir, I married my daughter Puja Kumari in the year 2007 with Dharmendra Jha, son of Ashok Jha of the village Hari nagar in the district Darbhanga,Kushesharsthan in Bihar. After her marriage, Puja Kumari started living with her husband in Harinagar; however, after a while, due to a constant torture of her husband and in- laws who were constantly asking her to bring more dowry from her father–I would like to bring to your kind attention that I had paid Rs 1, 50,000, jwellery Rs. 1,50,000,  furniture  Rs. 50,000 and  pan Rs. 35,000  by way of dowry for fixing her marriage in the beginning–she stood devastated.. On getting a whiff of her  continuous torture, I had brought her to Delhi and got her admitted in a vocational institute for imbibing the craftsmanship skills which would have enabled her to stand on her own feet. She had by then already become a mother of two kids–a baby boy and a baby girl. In the meantime, Dharmendra Jha, came over to Delhi  and began exerting pressure on Puja Kumari to return to Harinagar. However, when Puja Kumari refused to go with him, he stealthily took his children away, leading her to return on the basis of assurance given by her husband Dharmendra Jha and his father Ashok Jha  and  his mother buchchi day devi that she would no longer be subjected to further harassment.

Reprehensively, they had no intention of mending their ways. Soon, they resumed their torture . I was informed on 2nd of March 2015 that my daughter Puja Kumari had died due to a prolonged illness. i instantly asked them to keep her corpse in tact till I reached the spot. However, I discovered on reaching Harinagar that she was secretly buried and the whole family had fled away.  I immediately filed an FIR with the Kusheshwarsthan police station and requested the police to conduct a detailed investigation into the whole incident and to trace out the fugitives who absconded after committing the gory crime. The police has conducted some half hearted raids but to no avail–the murderer Dharmendra Jha continues to remain still at large along with his parents and his two children.  Our biggest worry now is this: how could the children remain safe with their murderer father who had no qualms in killing their mother?

Sir, I am working as a priest in Delhi with little or no influence. Yet I have been running from pillar to post to ensure the unraveling of the whole gory episode. I went to meet the SP of the district Darbhanga in Janta Durbar to press upon the issue of bringing the murderer to justice. Nonetheless, nothing consequential has happened thus far. I have lost my own daughter, but the nation too had lost a daughter especially when the gigantic efforts are underway to preserve the daughters –‘Beti bachao, desh bachao’. campaign has gained so much currency in the contemporary times. I am bemused to see that how the police has been exhibiting its impotency by allowing the murderer to still remain at large after committing such a brutal crime. In this backdrop, I left with no option but to appeal to the highest constitutional office of the land to ensure justice for me–a father who has been deprived of his daughter by a marauding criminal in the disguise of her husband who, not only deprived  me of my daughter, but also deprived  the small children of their motherly love and affection.  Dharmendra Jha deserves an exemplary punishment to deter the prospective criminals from going ahead with the brutal crimes.

Sir, with almost a fortnight gone and the police is yet to show even a vestige of efficiency, I am rendered more helpless. I know not what course of action should I choose. I have the fullest faith in the wheels of divine justice; and, also on the criminal jurisprudence of our nation. While the divine justice will take its own turn, our criminal justice system must appear to be efficient and accessible to one and all. Ironically, I am observing that our so called robust criminal justice system is not coming to me as a sort of reprieve to an aggrieved person like me. If the law of the land does not provide me with any reprieve by ensuring that the murderer of my daughter, Dharmendra Jha is immediately arrested with his parents and tried under the law of the land for his gruesome murder of his wife. On the contrary, if the police continues to play a hide and seek game by enabling Dharmendra Jha to remain at large, perhaps it would eternally stigmatize our police force for being selectively prejudiced and our entire justice system losing its credibility. Hence, i take this last recourse to appeal to the highest constitutional authority of  the land —our beloved people’s president–to ensure that the justice is meted out to a daughter of this country whose life was cut short in her prime. I am fully banking on your support for justice as a last ray of hope. I am further enclosing the FIR copy and other important documents to bolster my submission before your esteemed self.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Kind regards,
Jay kumar Jha
an aggrieved father
District – Darbhanga, Bihar


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