Medanta- The Medicity or The Murdercity!

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Today i would lyk to post on behalf of my DAD Jagjit Sandhu (who is no more with us) the reality of the so called Asia’s number 1 hospital Medanta- The Medicity, or The Murdercity. This post won’t bring my dad back, bt a lil relief to his soul. As a loving daughter it’s really hard to dictate what our family went through.

#1 The hospital is more about money, then the transplants and surgeries. Ppl trust these morons (doctors) as if they are god and surrender thyselves so dat they can get a new life, bt for the hospital, doctors and the staff, the patient is a game on which they play for looting money.

#2 This hospital ws recommended to my parents coz my dad had liver issues since few yrs, and they trusted it coz of the brand name. They went to the hospital with appointment with the so called head of the liver transplant and regeneration team Dr. A. S. Soin and firstly met their councillor Geeta who gave my dad a great hope and told about the 100% success rates for the transplants. Later on the doctor met them and reassured that the transplant will be successful and my dad will be perfectly healthy.

#3 firstly, the donor was my younger brother Navyug SanDhu  just 19 yrs old, after few tests they rejected him saying he has a fatty liver, same they said with the tests of my elder brother Navjot SanDhu . (Me being unaware of all this coz im married and settled in canada and he never wanted me to worry abt his health or he knew i would fly the same day). Mydad ws shattered, bt another hope came when my mom told doctr dat she wanted to be the donor. Just by asking my mother’s height and weight he agreed for the surgery and asked the assistant doctors to give the transplant date asap.

#4 My parents were admitted on 13th of April 2016, for the transplant which ws scheduled the very next day after a week of tests and lakhs of rupees. They started the surgery next morning on 14th April at 7am, ( shocking fact is dat 3 more liver transplants were scheduled the very same hour) the transplant took the whole day to night, the doctors took 4 hours more on surgery then scheduled. Reason?

#5 My Dad and Mom were then shifted to The ICU( from where my mother ws moved to ward next day as she started recovering). On questioning them abt the surgery, the doctors told it went successful. And in two days doctor’s informed us dat the liver didn’t start working they need another donor for the retransplant. (How did they say before dat my mother’s liver matched 100%? Than why it didn’t work?). My four cousins came by the evening and they started with their tests.( charging bundles for the tests) after rejecting 3 of them they told one matched, asked us to deposit another 5-6 lakhs right away. They took my cousin to the surgery room and bought him back within 10 minutes nd told his liver has enzymes. (Really, were enzymes not on the test reports? Were they on his body?)

#6 My dad ws already on ventilators, filters and slowly they failed my dad’s kidneys as well for which they started dialysis as well. They kept befooling us by assuring dat even if 1% of the liver start to work, he would survive. I ws then informed by my brother abt this after which i flew right same day. My dad didn’t see me, i kept calling him papa, papa ur daughter is here papa, im here papa but my bad luck my dad ws not there to see me anymore. Still, the doctors kept putting on filters for making as much more money as they can. One of My dad’s friend Harpal Dhaliwal uncle have a lot of links and met the owner of the hospital Dr Trehan, after which the doctors finally called from the ICU 10 at 4pm on 21st april 2016. My brothers and husband rushed and the doctors had bouncers and security with them just to tell my DAD IS NO MORE.

We could not do anything as our mom ws still the patient in the hospital, as her health ws not keeping good at all. The doctors then blackmailed us for if we tell our mom abt dad then we will loose her aswell. My mom who did all this just to save my dad could not even see my dad’s face for the last time (the body ws getting in worse condition so we could not keep it) And we lived a still life for 10 days by lying to our mom dat dad is doing ok just to keep her with us. The day we asked Dr Soin to inform our mom abt what happd to our dad, he refused and kept shivering and asked us to take her home and tell her everything there. He talked so rudely, i wish i could kill him, the way they murdered my father. We lost our lifeline, our hero and the best DAD ever. MEDANTA murdered my Dad. They never told the real cause of death. My dad ws clinically dead 2 days evn before they declared, but just for money’s sake they befooled us. They never told about donor’s health risk, but if u visit nd enquire, 4 donors have died there. My dad didn’t survive even after paying them 45 lakhs. We would pay them crores only if our dad could cm back.

My Dad will never come back, but i just wanted to make ppl aware of this Murdercity and if my post can save any life. Once my mother recovers, we won’t leave those butchers. I Love U Papa, ur love and memories will never fade from our hearts. Being a proud daughter I salute my hero my dad…..

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Comments on “Medanta- The Medicity or The Murdercity!

  • Marne wale ke saath sabhi ko condolence hota hai, aur gharwalon ke sentimental blame par sabhi vishwash kar lete hain.
    But science aur sentiment mein bahut dur ka fark hai. Ye story bhi full of emotion and conspiracy theory se bhari hai.
    Bhaiya pahli baat ti ye ki medanta sirf bade log jaate hain. Aur usme bhi wohi jo dusro ko dikha sakein ki mera ilaaz medanta mein ho raha hai. Mrityushaiya par bhi sone ke kangan dikhane ki lalak. Yahan bhi wahi rona ki paise lag gaye ji 45 lakh. Puri duniya janti hai ki medanta 5 star hotel with hospital hai. Waise garib bhi jate hain bade hospital, like apollo, lekin kidney bechne…. Wo to bechare facebook jante bhi nahin so shor nahin kar sakte. Aur khardar kaun?
    Duniya mein koi itna gaay k tarah sidha nahin hai jo doctor bol de aur maan leta hai, kam se kam 3 jagah cross check karata hai fees bhi milata hai. Bed kaun sa denge, mujhe to separate chahiye 5 star room. Bell bajate hi nurse naukrani ki tarah hazir ho jani chahiye. Nahin to ghudki pakki wo bhi angrezi mein. Thath baat chahie shahi, raja wale. Ilaaz karane jaate hain ya barkhurdar banane?
    Liver transplant kya samjhte hain ? Halwa hai kya? Hydrocele aur liver ke operation mein antar hai. Super Speciality chahiye hoti hai. Duniya mein koi kitna bhi bada doctor kyon na ho aur ek chhota se chhota cheera bhi ho to doctor 100% guarantee nahin deta. Consent form pe sign jaroor karata hai risk samjhate hue, khash kar private hospital mein. Iske liye junior doctor posted hote hain. Lekin aapko kya junior doctor ki sunane ki, ghamand mein bhare ja rahe hain raja and company. Har doctor apne taraf se the best effort lagata hai. Kyon apne naam par nakami ka kalank lagaega? Jab tak super speciality ki hogi unki umar 45 se kam nahin hogi. Uske baad practice, joining.
    45 years laga diya padhane aur practice karne mein. Kaun aisa profession hai jo roj minimum 1.5 se 2 ghante padhta hai pudhape mein bhi?
    Yahan sabhi logon ko meri baat galat lagegi.
    Bewkoof to dr hai wi bhi USA jaata, paisa bhi samman bhi. India mein butcher hi kehlaega.


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