Strontium Carb यानि होमियोपैथी की एक रामबाण दवा…

For post operative anomalies Arnica Mont and Staphysagria are good enough but when there are multiple operations Strontium carb is the best. Suffering from long lasting diseases toxemia of brain may persist for some extent, for that Sulphur 1m and Strontium carb 200 have worked magically.

Once a patient was took to me  by his attendents suffering from  brainfag condition. He was not responding any question except looking the objects constantly. Anorexia and insomania with severe dullness were other symptoms. It looks like his hearing is also impaired. His son  told me that father was suffering from typhoid fever and has been taken so many antibiotics and other allopathic medicines. I knew it is due to brain toxemia.

I gave him Strontium carb 200 and it was very much desirable. Voice, hearing and sensibility came back within a day and  he became fully fit in a week. I have seen so many patients suffering with so many disorders after operations and long lasting diseases  fully cured by  Strontium carb.

Dr MD Singh

Managing director

MD Homoeo Lab Pvt Ltd


U.P India

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  • Sir, I am a 71 years old. I have pain in my both knees for the last 5-6 yers. Whether Strontium Carbonicum 6x may relief me? How to use it? Pl. advice.


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