डिमेंशिया के मरीज को होमियोपैथी की इस दवा ने दी बड़ी राहत

Today’s I have a patient suffering from dementia. She is a well built fair complexioned 60 years of age lady forgotten all her past. She is a housewife belonged from a well mannered big joint family in which her husband is elder of three brothers. They all have their own jobs full of satisfaction and joy. Their wives lives with them. In this sense except when they gathered at their parents house they all leaves in a small family with their two three children.

Usually above given informations are useless for the treatment in other pathies but in Homoeopathy they may become deciding factor to select the remedy. At first her husband came in my clinic with his younger brother and complained that his wife has severe constipation and insomnia from several days with fever without relief by allopathic treatment.

According to symptoms I prescribed pyrogenium 200 one dose along with opium 30 two hourly. Next day they came again and inform me that their patient is quite well. They question me are you have medicine for dementia also ? I said yes. ‘It is very painful to bring her anywhere because she resists powerfully to go out from house and to ride any vehicle but anyhow we will come tomorrow with her’ her husband said.

Anyhow next day they bring her in clinic. She was looking very fearful clutching tightly her husband’s hand . They told me that she can’t answer any question . She was looking like faged and frightened.

Her all daily routine ware held mostly by her husband or children. I prescribed her Baryta carb 200 one dose and ask them to come after one week. When they came next week she was quite well she can go to toilet herself and can take her breakfast without other’s help also.

But for next 3 months there was no more other improvement . Shortly after when her husband told about her regular talking day and night with herself only about dogs and cats I gave her Aethusa Cyn one dose and result is wonderful .She stops talking about dogs and cats at once and became cheerful and comfortable at the same day. Now she’s improving very fastly.

The loneliness all the day due to departure of her bank manager husband to Bank and children to their schools was the cause for fear and ultimately for the disease. I am confident she will must be cured.

Dr M D Singh
Managing director M D Homoeo Lab Pvt Ltd

Maharajganj, Ghazipur

U.P India.

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