रामनाथ गोयनका के नाम का इस्तेमाल करने पर इंडियन एक्सप्रेस के चेयरमैन विवेक गोयनका ने प्रशांत गोयनका को भेजा लीगल नोटिस

रामनाथ गोयनका, विवेक गोयनका और प्रशांत गोयनका

In an awkward situation, adopted son of Late Ramnath Goenka and Chairman & Managing Director of The Indian Express, Viveck Goenka sends a false legal notice to reputed Journalist, editor & cmd (samachar parivartan hindi weekly newspaper) Prashant Goenka (Family grandson of Late Shri Ramnath Goenka) and other family members demanding compensation worth thousands of crores for promoting the name of late Shri Ramnath Goenka. With this the family dispute of late Ramnath Goenka resurfaces again. After this, Prashant Goenka and his family forced to take legal protection.

It is known that, family grandson of Late Ramnath Goenka, Mr. Prashant Goenka demanded India’s most prestigious award “Bharat Ratna” for Ramnath Goenka. For this, He had organised so many Press Conferences and meetings all over the country, including New Delhi and Bangalore. He believes that Ramnath Goenka was a true freedom fighter and contributed a lot for the society. “Ramnath Goenka had a very significant role during the Emergency in 1975, said Prashant Goenka.” Prashant Goenka also said that Late Ramnath Goenka has been fought for media and the people of Indian society all over his age.

For demanding ‘Bharat Ratna’ and spreading Ramnath Goenka’s work in the society Mr. Viveck Goenka has send a false legal notice to me, added Prashant Goenka. He says that, it’s all for a propaganda he, Mr. Viveck Goyenka making up to be in the limelight in media. “I also believe that Viveck Goenka is losing his identity because he is the adopted son of Late Ramnath Goenka, said Prashant Goenka. To remember Ramnath Goenka’s contributions towards the society and Indian media, family grandson Prashant Goenka is also demanding that in journalism books Ramnath Goenka’s Biography chapter should be added. Prashant Goenka also says that these demands for Late Ramnath Goenka, is supposed to do by his adopted son Viveck Goenka but he failed to keep his family contributions.

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