Mody University – waiver of UNJUSTIFIED Fees

Dear Sir/Ma’am

I am a student of Mody University of Science and Technology, Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan. I would like to inform you about the problems that we are facing at my University.

As the country went into lockdown students left their hostel (approx. 3 months before the end of semester) and went back to their hometown but the university has still not adjusted hostel fees from the previous semester and is now demanding hostel fees for the next semester when re-opening of colleges are not allowed by the government.

As per the latest mail by our university, we need to pay our complete fees including hostel fees. Conducting online classes is necessary, so only tuition fees should be considered. Still most parents are considering paying the rest of the fees as we pay for regular classes, even when all the classes conducted would be online only. But the demand for hostel fees from the University is extremely illogical and unethical. But Mody University is forcing students to pay hostel fees which is shameful in the times of Covid-19 when no student is going to the campus. During this pandemic when people are suffering world-wide and there is a significant loss of income, parents are finding it difficult to pay for the facilities which are not being used by the students.

Also, they refuse to answer our mails and calls. Please take immediate action to protect the future of many students as the last date for the students to pay the complete fees is 25-07-2020.

Below are the guidelines followed by B.Ed. colleges, please enforce these guidelines on technical universities as well so that all colleges follow the same rules. Kindly consider our request.

Thank you.

(दो दर्जन छात्र-छात्राओं द्वारा भड़ास को भेजे गए मेल पर आधारित.)

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