अपने पर लगे आरोपों को लेकर लखनऊ के वरिष्ठ पत्रकार पंकज वर्मा ने दी सफाई, आप भी पढ़ें

Dear Yashwant ji!

I am pained to know that ur prestigious Bhadas news portal has carried a false news about me based on wrong facts. I being a respectable media personality of over 28 yrs media standing besides being ur personal friend would hv appreciated someone fr ur team to verify factual details before carrying damaging article against me.

The fact of matter is that one Manoj Gupta of Moradabad functions as our Business Associate for UP & runs news slots like other states for UP on our national Channel ‘Sadhna Plus TV’. For franchise operation in UP he has hired a team which includes Brijmohan as Bureau Chief. Mr Rakesh Gupta CMD & Editor-in-Chief of Sadhna TV Group is absolute promoter & owner of ‘Sadhna Plus TV’ and his co, M/s Sharp Eye Advertising Pvt Ltd is the licence holder of Sadhna Plus TV, as obvious fr the MIB site.

FIR lodged on 27.2.19 at behest of Manoj Gupta in Hazratganj PS is not against me but against letter sent by Rakesh ji,Editor-in-Chief, Sadhna Plus TV to UPID for renewal of my Press Accredit as Special Correspondent. Based on a false letter claiming himself to be owner of Sadhna Plus TV,Manoj Gupta lodged FIR tr’u one Apurva Jaiswal in based on which Brijmohan, claiming himself to be Editor of Sadhna Plus TV sent a letter to UPID for cancellation of my press Accred.

UPID without verifying facts and seeking our clarifications in the matter,canceled my accreditation in great haste.When it was contested by Rakesh Gupta, CMD & Editor-in-Chief-Sadhna Plus TV with factual detail,my accredition was restored with retrospective effect. I am forwarding a copy of office order issued by DI-UPID for ur record. Suitable action is being initiated against the culprits who created this mess resulting in bad name of UPID as well. Will request u to carry a suitable rejoinder in ur creditable portal as u deem fit.

Office order of UPID


Pankaj Verma

President & Group Editor

Sadhna TV Group

मूल खबर….

लखनऊ के पत्रकार पंकज वर्मा की मान्यता निरस्त, जालसाजी का मुकदमा दर्ज

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