AAP determined to recover lost ground in Delhi

Consider the way the AAP’s fortunes plummeted after its spectacular show in 2013. It had won 28 of the 70 seats in its debut election in Delhi then and was second to the BJP’s 31, while the ruling Congress was routed and could win only eight seats. However, the AAP’s aspirations of stopping the BJP’s vote line in last summer’s general elections failed miserably and the most honest and anti-establishment party could not win a single seat from Delhi and win just four Lok Sabha seats from Punjab. It shows people are changing their moods accordingly. As the elections are heating up in Delhi, the political parties are coming up with their latest interviews and the comments, making tall poll promises. The BJP is banking on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi while its main challenger AAP has projected its supremo Arvind Kejriwal as the CM.

While giving interview to T.V reporter Ravish Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal said, ‘’A clear fight between BJP and AAP has taken the shape in the upcoming election. Unlike the BJP and the AAP, the Congress has been left behind in campaigning spree ahead of the 2015 Assembly polls in Delhi. It is only now that the party has started putting up hoardings with the slogan – ‘Toot gayi vikas ki dor, chalo ab Congress ki or’ – to remind about the break in the progress achieved in the 15 years of stable Congress government in the city state.’’ On being asked about the satisfaction and supporters of his party in Delhi, he said,’’ People of Delhi are happy with our 49 days of Governance. So this time we are likely to win more seats and will serve for complete five years.’’ He is pitted against the two women of Congress and BJP– a torch-bearer on women’s issues, Kiran Walia, and the iron lady Kiran Bedi. His choice of words to snub them was, “We are in politics for a reason, not to shoot and scoot. People of Delhi will support us though they were angry with me when I had left last time. But one thing I have learnt with my political experience that never to quit the party.’’

Another interview with the TV journalist Barkha Dutt, he fired back at BJP saying this party has done nothing except for opening up the bank accounts in the last eight months. So people are watching and this time they will confidently give them the opportunity to serve for complete five years. He also recalled all the work done by his party during his 49 days of regime. He said,’’ All the Government institutions were started without taking money. Electricity bills were lowered down, proper supply of water was given out to the people. We arrested rise in prices of vegetables and other commodities. There was a complete eradication of corruption, when we were in power.’’
Answering to how Jhadu ka Jaadu will counter Modi, he alleged that Modi is not in the race, media is creating hype, though it is true that BJP is fighting election on the Modi Wave. But we are confident this time of winning 45 seats.

Blaming Modi for calling him an anarchist and naxal, he said,’’ If I would have been a naxal, people wouldn’t have supported me and made me CM in the last elections. I have won the people trust in Delhi. I have been an honest social worker serving the nation for last 15 years. All the promises we had made were fulfilled during our regime. We didn’t show any conflict of interest and vested interest like Congress and BJP did.’’

Another interview with Deepak chaurasia on India news, he made allegation against BJP on their party funding, saying they do not have transparency in showing funds raised as we have on our website. We get our funds audited every year and disclose it to people. Asked about how he felt when some of brass leaders like Shazia ilmi, Vinod kumar Binny left the party and even Shanti Bhushan was praising Kiran Bedi, he replied,’’ We never forced people to join our party. It was their decision and might be correct to leave the party. If Kiran Bedi had to join BJP then why did she agitate with Annaji on corruption. She was one of the critics of BJP and today she has joined that party. About his political ambition, he said that he considered politics a temple to serve people.

This is written by Khushboo Agrahari, a student of IIMC. contact : khushbooagrahari05@gmail.com

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