Central government passed bill just before Ramzan to cause problems to Muslims!

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Supreme court, President of India do Justice to Save India… Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim. One Country, two slaughter laws, Based on Religion is Pakistani Mentality, not Indian. Central gov passed a law that Cows and Buffallo cannot be traded for slaughter or transportation. Ok, MS Maneka Gandhi, if Central gov passed law which forbids sale or transportation of Cows and Buffallos for slaughter, then why are the 10 big butcher houses of india, which are owned by hindus, are slaughtering Lakhs  of Buffallo daily and sending  the beef to foreign countries.

Central gov passed this bill just before Ramzan to cause Problems to Muslims. But mr Modi, we Muslims wont die if we wont eat cow or Buffallo’s beef. I call upon the President of India, supreme court to Immediately order the closure of Butcher houses located in Mumbai, Up and rest of central and north India, which slaughter Buffallo and send beef to foreign country, if Indian laws are not bigotry.

Supreme court, if in UP or Mh or Rj someone possess 100 gms of beef, he would get 7 years of prison or mob lynching, under government’s supervision. But anyone in these same states should also get 7 years imprisonment, for using belt, Bags, purses, sofa covers, car seats made up of cow or buffalo Skin.

Supreme court ban leather industry in India which relies on Cow or Buffallo skin, Because according to Indian gov, cow or buffallo cant be slaughtered, then how can leather industry use their Skin to make bags, purses, belts, car seats etc etc.

MR President sir, honourable Supreme court, implement central gov law by banning Leather industry in India completely. This is India, this is not Bangladesh, that there should be two eating  laws for Muslims and hindus. Judges and gov of bangladesh are slaves of rich Bangladeshi businessmen.

But judges, courts and President of India are not slaves of rich indian businessmen , nor do they take bribe from rich businessmen, nor are they communally bigot, like bangladeshi  institutioons. Our Indian courts, judges, President are sincere, free from all sorts of bribes, influences and communal Fanaticism.

So my request our Country’s Courts and President to ban all big slaughter houses which send beef to foreign countries Immediately, plus ban leather industry in India Completely which relies on Cow or Buffallo skin. I also call upon Supreme court and President of India, National Human rights commission, to give rs 10 crore compensation per family per person killed ,  of all those Muslims who were Moblynched since bjp gov came to power in india. Why is Supreme court, Judiciary and President of India silent over Mob lynching of Muslim minority Men, why? I hope the reason is not dirty communal biase.

Jai hind. 

MD Rizwan S


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