Galgotia College demands Of Illegal Fees of 45000

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 We the Students (Course – MCA & MBA) of Galgotias Institute Of Management & technology are facing a very critical issue. The College is asking us to pay 45000 as arrears fees as they won some case but we were never informed during our entire course duration. We took admission in 2010 in this college, & We paid full fees for all the three years which is the duration of course (MCA), We passed in June 2013 but after a few days we received a notice from the college to pay 45000 due arrears fees, Failure to do so will result in with-holding of the final degree. We were never told during those 3 years that the fees we were paying is provisional.

We held a protest in the college, at that time The College Director assured us that we need not pay the fees &  the fees is exempted on moral grounds & we can collect our degrees from july end but when we went back to college in August We were again shown the door & not given no-dues slip & demanding 45000 again.

We went to University (Mahamaya Technical University Sector 62 Noida), twice but We did not got any relief from there. Most of the students have taken education loan & Mostly are not even placed. We don’t have any educational documents to prove our post-graduation & our career is at stake. We are middle-class family belonging students , We have already spent around 3 lakhs of fees & now This Additional burden of 45k is tolling on our career & our life. The Security Money of 10,000 is never returned back as if it is our college property.

We are helpless & We look forward for your kind help & support. Sir, you are a ray of hope for 360 students, We wish to meet you personally Sir & elaborate The Rude behavior of our college administration.

Sir, Your Support Is What We all are looking For.

Enclosing all the documents pertaining to this matter.

1. – Application to the Registrar of MTU that we submitted
2 – Copy Of the notice which were sent to us by the college
3 – Copy Of Media Report of the day we held protest.

Srishti Bisaria

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