ifwj के एक गुट ने ifwj के दूसरे गुट वाले के. विक्रम राव को ठग कहा, पढ़ें मेल

Ultimately Truth Prevails… The ‘thug of Hindostan’, who had been selling IFWJ for his selfish ends has again surfaced with a new set of lies. The thug has been in the habit of issuing a completely distorted circular after every court hearing. He has not told it was his advocate who had withdrawn the application filed under order VII rule 11 by him because he knew it that it was frivolous and baseless. If he had not withdrawn it would have been dismissed. It may be recalled that last time when our advocate could not attend the court because he was busy in the High Court, the Advocate of the Thug insisted upon the argument on the application and as our Advocate was not present, therefore, a cost of Rs. 1000/- imposed. Then why did he not argue this time?

Those who become the habitual liar, it is said, that they do not speak the truth and they become the victim of a disease called obsessive-compulsive disorder. By now it has become clear to the entire journalist community of the country that thug and his son never speak the truth and they obviously suffer from the disease of the OBC.

Look at the shamelessness of the thug that after every hearing in the Court he sends a circular saying that he has won the case. This time again he says that the stay has been vacated in his favour then what for the date has been fixed on 29th January 2019? This man does not tell even the correct title of the case. He says it is ‘Rinku Yadav vs. K. Vikram Rao and others’, in the last paragraph of his circular, whereas the title of the case is ‘Indian Federation of Working Journalists vs. K. Vikram Rao and others’. So you can the depth of their lies.

Spreading rumours and lies have been the forte of his journalism and because of such people, the credibility of journalism goes down. Thankfully such journalists are very soon thrown to the margins and dustbins. Only genuine and credible journalists survive. This man has mastered the art of fraud, forgery and manipulation but friends don’t worry the truth will ultimately prevail.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From the IFWJ’s team which stands probity in the profession.


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