Mumbai : A former journalist died of electrocution while trying to connect his laptop charger to an extension board at his home in Vashi. The Vashi police are probing which one of the electrical appliances plugged into the board caused the faulty current. 

Sunil BS, 31, who earlier worked with Mint newspaper, was from Bangalore and was working in a PR firm in Mumbai. He was living with a flatmate in a rental apartment. 

Sunil returned from his morning jog and was working on his laptop around noon. He tried to connect his laptop to the extension board which was already connected to the main switch board when he was electrocuted. Sub Inspector Vinaya Kamble said, “Sunil also had a glass of a drink in his hand, which we suspect might have acted as a conductor.” 

Sunil’s flatmate immediately called an ambulance and rushed Sunil to the municipal hospital close by, where he was declared dead on arrival. Police sources said that the laptop was a Sony laptop and was approximately three and a half years old. MMB

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