ग्लोबल थिंकर सूची में शुमार शुभ्रांशु चौधरी पर ‘सीजी नेट’ की को-फाउंडर स्मिता चौधरी ने लगाए कई आरोप

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Dear Yashwant ji,

I have been doing what I can, and I would like you to consider writing about this professionally. Clearly I am not going to be a more successful journalist than Shubhranshu, but the alternate platform which I have co founded with Shubhranshu CHoudhary, has been completely taken over by him. He has removed anyone who is able to think- and now he has got this award for being a thinker.

I am not a romantic enough to see this award as a certificate- but I cannot also let each award pass by without seeing any effect on Shubhranshu or CGNet. He is disregarding every law and has forgotten all the wonderful ethical stuff that was the basis of CGNet as a concept. So many young journalists have taken training and done internship and got jobs with CGNet- I am really distressed that only two people have bothered to enquire about this issue.

I do think this satisfies every criteria for good journalism as a story. CGNet was set up to be alternate media- and now one person is controlling it totally and in a most non democratic manner. I have been posting on my blog and page- and I am only an engineer by training. It is sad to see so many journalists on my page and in my life- and be told that this is my personal problem. So then why do you want to write about a woman being raped?

Why should a woman have the courage to report domestic violence? Why have mahila Thana and counselling centers? Why have a page called Patrakar Praxis? I mean, what is your agenda? To cover up for anyone who gets awards? At least have the courtesy to call and ask for proof of what I am saying. I expect you to share this on your wall- and for a team to be put together- because I know that SHubhranshu has threatened people – and like I said, the two people who have taken this up are trying to be brave and SHubhranshu CHoudhary is still bullying them.

Smita Choudhary

मूल खबर…

शुभ्रांशु चौधरी के बारे में सूचना

इसे भी पढ़ सकते हैं….

सीजीनेट वाले शुभ्रांशु चौधरी को एक्सपोज करेंगी उनकी पत्नी स्मिता चौधरी, पढ़िए मेल

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