State and Central Labour Commissioners act in unison to protect the wage board for working journalists

: Wanted More and More Unity : The Delhi Union of Journalists and the Delhi Press Unity Centre in a joint statement on the eve of the meeting of the Confederation of Newspaper and News Agencies Employees in Delhi today has demanded that the state and central labour commissioners act in unison to protect the wage board for working journalists as upheld by the Supreme Court.

It has also called upon the Labour Commissioners of  Delhi and the Central Labour Commissioner Government of India to take steps to immediately ensure implementation of the Wage Board instead of passing the buck to each other in the name of centre/state jurisdiction.

The two bodies have called for the widest possible unity and welcomed the meeting of the Confederation tomorrow. It has called upon all the newspaper establishments that have challenged the award directly or indirectly to retrace their steps and start immediate implementation. It has welcomed the Telangana Labour Commissioner’s order of September 15 to the management of Eenadu to implement the Wage Board on an appeal by Andhra Pradesh and Telengana journalist bodies.

Stating that a twin battle has to be waged against both the contract system and the agents of non-implementation of statutory wage boards and this should be treated as the immediate challenge, the Delhi Union of Journalists and the Press Unity Centre 2014 have called for a battle hand in hand with central and state trade unions. It has welcomed the resolution passed by the central trade unions meeting in Delhi on September 15. The joint statement has further called for joint agitation on common demands which is the need of the hour.

(SK Pande)

General Secretary, DUJ


Press Unity Centre

September 24, 2014

Press Statement

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Comments on “State and Central Labour Commissioners act in unison to protect the wage board for working journalists

  • Kashinath Matale says:

    Dear Sir (SK Pande Jee), General Secretary, DUJ, New Delhi. In our establishment (The Hitavada, Nagpur) implemented the Majithia Wage Board w.e.f. 1st April 2014. But management calculated WB as per their wish. They did not fitment properly. Also they are calculating the DA on the basis of 189 points instead 167 as recommended by Majithia Wage Board. At this stage they giving the DA for the 51 points. Actually we want DA for the 73 points. (240-167=73). But they calculating as per 240-189=51points. This is a wrong. Because WB mearged the CPI 167 on July 2010. From July 2010 to Dec. 2014 total points are 240. So we getting less DA for the total 20 points. Due to this all calculation are getting less in salary payment. We are fighting before the Additional Labour Commissioner, Nagpur, Maha. State Govt. But yet said authority did not tale any action on this type implementation.
    Sir I request you kindly send any strong evidence for proper calculation of DA for the on 167 points. Also send the fixation/fitment process. Management stopped the service increment(max3) by using the bi-section (i) No employee shall get more than revised maximum scale. By using this they are not giving the annual service increment. We are fighting for all this before ALC, Nagpur Mah. Govt. We also approch to the Shri Samir Kumar Das, the Under Secretary, Labour & Employment Ministry, Govt of India, he replied us in written that the primary responsibility to implementation the wage board is of State Government. Govt also doing nothing.
    Kashinath G. Matale,
    General Secretary,
    Hitavada Shramik Sangh, Nagpur


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