Cheating and harassment by travel agent in delhi

Dear Sir,

My name is Charanjeet Singh resident of New Delhi. I had applied for Canada Permanent Residency from Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt Ltd. In New Delhi on 9th May 2016. Aptech Global Immigration Services Pvt Ltd. Address (408, 4th Floor, Westend Mall, Janakpuri West, New Delhi-110058).

Mr. Aman mobile number: 7503832132
Landline: 011-46254693

Aptech Global Marketing executive Miss Palak told me that you need to get necessary technical evaluation else your case can get rejected, so we need to evaluate your case before accepting it. Trusting her words, I Paid Indian Rupees 1145/- as Technical Evaluation Fees to Aptech Global Immigration services Pvt Ltd, New Delhi for Canada P.R.

Paid Indian Rupees 68000/- for case fee for Canada P.R. to start the process. On the very first day, before joining Aptech Global for my Canada Immigration, I informed their sales executive Miss Palak that I had already appeared for IELTS on 20th February 2016 and I got overall band score of 6.5

I clearly informed their marketing executive that I cannot get anything more than 6.5 overall band score, as I attempted IELTS several times before getting band score of 6.5 on 20th February 2016, now that was my last attempt. On this Miss Palak agreed to accept my case and she said that your IELTS score is okey and you can apply. She immediately asked me to deposit Rupees 68,000/- as cash. I did the same based on their words.

Next, Miss Ekashi met me as coordinator in Aptech and she informed that I will handle your case from now onwards since Miss Palak was from our marketing team.

Since 20th January 2016, I am chasing Aptech Global to refund back my money. I met Miss Monika, supervisor in their office, She informed me that your case cannot be accepted and you need to get extra score for IELTS.I asked them that you can say the same thing to me when I paid extra money for technical evaluation which confirms that you can apply for canada and submitted rupees 68000/- as cash to Mr. Aman(Operation Head of Aptech Global). They did not inform me of any such thing while first meeting and even after evaluation.

I also asked them that before 2-3 years there was no process of special technical evaluation, Miss Palak said that this is to ensure your case should have 100% chance of acceptance. Now they are saying that your case cannot be accepted as your ielts score is less, they why they took evaluation. I have receipt for evaluation as well.

I still believed her words and paid for service of Rs. 1145/- to confirm my case and remove any doubt in future of any kind of rejection of my case. Last update from Aptech Global on my case was on 23rd July 2016 from Miss Ekashi. Later it was transferred to Miss Daljeet. Miss Daljeet sent me an email on 27th July confirming she will handle my case, now onwards.

Since 137 days, I did not get any revert from Aptech Global Immigration. It was on 14th December 2017, I personally visited Aptech Global Immigration and told Miss Monika (supervisor) about their poorest services and same was informed to Mr. Aman(Operation head) as well.

On 10th February 2017, I email Aptech Global to refund my money back. Below mentioned is their revert to my email.

Charanjeet Singh

On Friday, February 10, 2017 11:04 AM, Legal – Aptech Global Group <> wrote:

Hi Charanjeet Singh,,

As I received mail from your end regarding Voluntary Withdrawal or back out of your process because Now you are not interested in migration  due to IELTS part. As you are unable to provide IELTS documents  or not able to score require bands in IELTS. so that you want refund.

And after discussion with admin team and analysis of your case, and agreement. I came to know  as per agreement clause number  32. (e)  in Voluntary Withdrawal situation, company is not liable any refund  in this case. We would like to advice you continue you services. If Not then you will get Legal notice shortly.

Best Regards
Legal Team
Aptech Global immigration services Pvt Ltd.

Add:- 706,707 8th Floor westend mall Janakpuri
West New Delhi 110058

Aptech Global is now blackmailing me by getting my sign on government agreement and threatening me by showing the clauses. On the clause its written that “I also aware of the required IELTS bands as per review report and it is time to provide report card as well”

They did not done follow up on my case and did cheating with me on the very first day informing me that my designation is in their list and you can easily get Canada Visa. I am getting harassed everyday due to their pathetic service and false promises.

Just to achieve their sales target , Miss Palak trapped me in her words and showed me dreams of reaching Canada.

I can keep quite like other victims of Aptech Global. Being a vigilant citizen, I am raising my voice against cheating and harassment.

They are continuously threatening me that if you want refund you can talk to our high court lawyer sitting in our legal office in a chamber in high court.

I request you to get my refund back of rupees 69,145/- and help me in shutting down this cheating immigration agent from India so that they cannot do cheating and threat other innocent customers.

They also told me that if you pay in cash you 68000/- we will charge you less. That time I did not understand. Later I realized they want to avoid paying tax to the government.

Kindly audit their bank account and statements as well. I belong to a poor family and I am jobless since one year. I am going through mental torture because of their cheating act. I do have the receipts of payment and will be presented to you if required.

Thanking you.

With gratitude

Charanjeet Singh

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