दिल्ली एवं जिला क्रिकेट संघ (डीडीसीए) के उपाध्क्ष सीके खन्ना के खिलाफ ये पुलिस कंप्लेंट

दिल्ली एवं जिला क्रिकेट संघ (डीडीसीए) के उपाध्क्ष सीके खन्ना के खिलाफ ये पुलिस कंप्लेंट दी गयी है, जो करीब 30 साल से दिल्ली क्रिकेट को घुन की तरह अन्दर से खोखला किये है। दिल्ली क्रिकेट में भ्रष्टाचार की असल जड़ ही यही है। पहली बार इसके खिलाफ किसी ने मोर्चा खोलने की कोशिश की है, वरना डीडीसीए के पूर्व अध्यक्ष और केन्द्रीय मंत्री अरुण जेटली तक को ये अपनी चुगलखोर चतुराई से साधने में सफल रहता था।

लोगों को आपस में लड़वाकर राज करना इसे बखूबी आता है। दिल्ली क्रिकेट में सिलेक्शन, इलेक्शन और कंस्ट्रक्शन तीनों में इसकी पत्ती सेट रहती है। पुलिस, जज, पत्रकार और बड़े-बड़े नेताओं को आईपीएल और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मैचों के पास पहुंचकर खुश रखता है। कुछ पत्रकार तो इसने अब अपने पे-रोल पर भी रख लिए हैं, जो इसे खबर चेक करने के बाद ही अपने संस्थानों को भेजते हैं। आजकल दिल्ली के एक बड़े हिंदी समाचार पत्र का नौसिखिया रिपोर्टर इसके चंगुल में है। इसी पेपर में खन्ना की हरेक महीने एक-दो फोटो भी छपती रहती है, क्योंकि बताया जा रहा है इसके  एडिटरों से भी गहरे तालुकात हैं। आपसे अनुरोध है कि इसे पब्लिश कर दिल्ली क्रिकेट को क्लीन करने में अपना बहुमूल्य योगदान दें।

Date: 19th. Jan 2015

The Commissioner of Police,
(Through SHO)
Police station,
I.P estate, New Delhi


Address of the Accused:     
C.K Khanna,
S/o. Late Sh. N. K Khanna,
R/o. 192, Kailash Hills,
New Delhi-110065

Details of the Victim

The Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA) is a Company duly incorporated and registered under Sec 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. A license under Sec 25 of the Companies Act was issued by the Regional Director to the DDCA on 28.06.1985. The DDCA is having its registered office at Kotla, Ferozshah, New Delhi.


I am writing in the capacity as a “subscriber, life member, a trustee” of an Indian company duly incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, which has been made a victim of criminal conspiracy, fraud, breach of trust, deception and cheating practiced by the Director of the Company above named, who being a Director of the company uninterrupted for the last 30 years has amassed disproportionate assets & wealth more than 100 crores (to be estimated as the amount may be manifold more).

The aforesaid person is from a humble origin and had a small family shop / “tailor shop” at Kashmiri Gate, and the same has been closed down since last more than 20 years.  The said person has no other source of income but has amassed huge wealth and assets through illegal means from the DDCA.

The accused has been an office bearer of the sports Association and been holding important administrative posts ever since he has become a member of this august Sports Body 30-35 yrs back.

The accused has amassed huge wealth which is beyond his legal means of earning. The Income Tax returns of the accused shall reveal that the assets and his expenditure do not match the earnings.

The fact that the accused spends his entire day in DDCA and has no established business is known to the world but few gather the courage to expose him as he has links with bad elements.

The undersigned being a member / director of the sports body, feel it my duty to expose before the world about the person whose dictate and authority writs large over the sports body including team selection etc.

The allegations against the accused are grave and deserve immediate investigations & enquiry to unearth the real fraud behind the running of the august Sports Body, DDCA by a person uninterrupted for the last 30 yrs. The allegations are asunder:

Manipulated the election of the Sports body, DDCA by holding illegal proxy votes of members who are either dead or are only on paper. The proxy votes in his command is  baffling and is to the tune of around 600 which is huge number in an association which has the total member strength of 4300. It is simply impossible to imagine one individual “holding control” over such large number of votes year after year, rendering the election of the august body inconsequential & redundant.  An enquiry be made by the  police by issuing Notice to each “member” of the DDCA to file their (a) “SURVIVAL

CERTIFICATE” (b) Address proof (c) identity proof (d) membership proof (e) signature proof.

His wealth being disproportionate to his known source of income be verified through a scrutiny of last 7 years Income Tax returns (ITR) filed with the govt.

The DDCA office may be asked to produce, all relevant records of payments being made to him as a Director in the Company or in any capacity, tour bills, expenses etc which under the Memorandum of the DDCA was not allowed and is illegal.

The accused meddles in the selection of coaches & players. So much so that despite having never played any Ranji     Match himself has become a Convener of Ranji Team Selection. His telephone records may be looked into to verify the kind of people who are in contact with him. As most likely, he is constant touch with the parents of the players, coaches & probables vying for a place in the team. Surely,  he must be brokering deals with such persons in return for ensuring a place in the team. His call details shall unravel the entire truth of the ways & means how he has amassed such humongous wealth over the years despite having no business or source of Income. Despite, the fact that the Directors post at DDCA being an honorary post and without any salary & perks raises questions behind his untiring “presence at the DDCA” on a daily basis from 11:00 A.m to 11:00 PM at night each days of the week.

There are serious charges against the said Director that he sells Match Tickets of the matches organized by the DDCA at the Ferozshah Kotla Stadium both International Matches & IPL Matches. Such allegations may not be without any basis and deserves a detailed enquiry including surveillance of his call records etc to unearth the crime he is committing at the DDCA.

There are serious charges for fraud against the aforesaid person regarding his involvement & indulgence in taking cuts, omissions & commissions in the contracts awarded by the DDCA for the works initiated for printing stationery, civil works, maintenance etc.

There are serious allegation of fraud against the Director regarding his involvement in the running of the Bar at the DDCA and misappropriation of funds. No wonder according to the auditors report the Bar at the DDCA being run under his nose is in loss to the tune of more than 35 lakhs.

Apart from the allegation involving financial fraud, the most serious allegations and charges against the Director is regarding “moral turpitude” which as a august sports body, is not only serious but highly objectionable for the pride and prestige of the DDCA. The above act of the accused persons is prima facie illegal and driven by self serving motive, thereby constitutes grave violation, abuse and breach of the trust.

Under such compelling circumstances as an ordinary member of the company having a stake in the company, has no choice but to initiate legal action against the accused for their glaring acts of omission & commissions. The actions make the accused person who has conspired with known and unknown persons for the illegal act, thus holding themselves criminally liable for an act of CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, BREACH OF TRUST & CHEATING as conceived under Sec 420, 406, 120-B Indian Penal Code.

When on 14.01.2015 the matter was brought up before the DDCA members at the DDCA premises, by the undersigned/ complainant, the accused started threatening the complainant with dire consequences stating that he has contacts with police & judges and can frame me in false cases. There are few eye witnesses to the accused threats who can depose before your good self.

On 15.01.2015 the Accused, again at the DDCA premises issued verbal threats saying that he has hired goons who can get me kidnapped without having any trace. The accused, told the complainant to mind his business or else his family would repent all their life. Such acts of the Accused are not only grossly illegal and violative of the rule of law but also shows the guilt of the accused beyond any conceivable doubt. The complainant can produce the witnesses who are members of the DDCA before whom the accused uttered such threats and intimidates.

I, accordingly request your good self to kindly lodge an FIR Under section 420, 406 & 506 of Indian Penal Code and direct appropriate investigation in the matter so that the culprit can be brought at law and act as deterrent for others.

Should any further information is required from our end, you may please contact the undersigned at the following address:

Thanking You

You’re faithfully

(Dinesh Kumar Sharma)
Joint Secretary
Corporate Affairs, DDCA
Ferozshah Kotla, New Delhi
Mob No.09810682226

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