Partial implementation of Majithia in Himachal Pradesh

The status report on the implementation of the Majithia Award filed by Shri Amit Kashyap, the Labour Commissioner Cum-Director of Employment of Himachal Pradesh says that the newspaper establishments and newspaper agencies whose headquarters are situated with in the territorial jurisdiction of his state have partially implemented the Award. His report however, further says that some of the establishments have still kept the matter in abeyance and therefore necessary directions have been issued to the Inspectors to initiate proceedings against them.

The report also says that those establishment, whose headquarters are out of Himachal Pradesh have been asked to reply same to the Central Government because in their Himachal Pradesh Government is not the appropriate authority. Those establishments who are carrying out their business in many states for them the Central Government, the appropriate authority, must call for their explanation. The Himachal Pradesh Government, according to the Labour Commissioner, has taken all steps for the compliance of the Award recommendations.

Parmanand Pandey
Secretary General

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