‘सहारा खानदान की महिला के बारे में भड़ास पर Unverified news’

The Editor,




This is in reference to the news published at Bhadas4media.com dated 29th June 29, 2015 regarding a female patient of the undersigned. I would like to express my displeasure regarding involvement of my name without my consent & would further like to bring the fact of the incident to your kind self as follows:

1. Cause of injury – It was an accidental glass-cut injury.
2. Site of injury – It was left upper forearm injury, not the wrist.
3. Medical Ethics – It is a breach in a medical ethics as the news was wrongly published without verifying the facts.
4. Media Ethics – I suppose any news published should be undoubtly confirmed before publishing.

I hope you will appreciate the image of an Indian female as a patient is very sensitive & requires a mature approach. I am certain that you will understand the above & verify the facts of any incidents before publishing in future. Furthermore, I appreciate that your kind self has removed the aforesaid incorrect news from your website and hope that you will consider my above mentioned contentions for future reference.

(Dr.Vaibhav Khanna)​  
Plastic & Microvascular Surgeon my iPhone

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