‘न्यूज नेशन’ चैनल की गैर-जिम्मेदार पत्रकारिता, पीड़ित एक्ट्रेस ने कोर्ट में केस दायर किया

Hello sir,

My name is kranti redkar, i belong to the marathi film industry and i have been working as an actress for the past 15yrs. I have worked honestly and always appreciated the love and affection that i received from people.

Today i am sending across this very message to ask for a helping hand. One incident in May 2013 absolutely turned my life topsy turvy. ‘News Nation’ channel ran a news saying that i was the girl caught with cricketer shreeshant in the matchfixing case. I was caught in some hotel room (virtually turning me into a prostitute).  It was a case of MISTAKEN IDENTITY.  Sadly the news was picked up by many other news channels and my life was devastated.

I was never called by NEWS NATION channel to verify the news before airing it, nor did they have any link or proof from the delhi police regarding the same. There was Absolute negligence and in the greed of airing the news ‘first’  there was no verification done what so ever. On the said date in may 2013 i was shooting for my directorial debut film KAAKAN in konkan, i was not in mumbai so there is no question of me being involved in the said case.
Everywhere i went i would be asked the same question that broke my moral, the name that i created for myself after 15yrs of hardwork was turned into ashes in seconds. My family, friends had to go through this ordeal with me. People would gossip behind my back. Any other woman in my shoes would have attempted suicide.  I went through depression and had to be medically treated for it. My mothers health deteriorated and my father was ashamed,inspite of this they instilled in me FAITH IN JUSTICE. AND PROVE MY INNOCENCE.
I have been fighting for justice for past 1 year. I filed a defamation case and i want the people who did this to me PUNISHED under the law, so that they will not do this to anyone else and no one else should suffer like me. Finally after a series of crucial investigations by the court and police of the accused Abhay Oswal and Subhash Shirke of NEWS NATION ,they were summoned by the court and the case stood for trial on 5TH SEPTEMBER 2014, 11AM AT BORIVILI COURT. 

The case update till 5th sept,’14

• Complaint 24/sw/2014  was filed by Kranti Redkar, on 16/07/2014,
• Kranti redkar defamation case on News Nation channel.
• Lawyer for Petitioner – Atif Shaikh
• Accused no.1 Abhay Oswal (news nation head office)
• Accused no.2 Subhash Shirke.( news nation mumbai)
• SECTIONS 499, 500, 509 of The IPC

On 5th September 2014, accused no.2 subhash shirke appeared with his lawyer with a plea of bail. The court granted a provisional bail of rupees 15,000 for 4 weeks and he was asked to produce surety within 4 weeks. Acussed no.1 did not appear in the court stating that he was out of the country. Court has asked them to produce the valid documents (like passport copy, visa copy and tickets). The next date being 17 October 2014, both the accused have to be present in the court or else an immediate warrant will be issued against both the accused.           

Kindly support me and be my voice because what i have gone through as a woman is nothing short of mental rape. I am afraid the respondent may pressurise and cause me harm and further malign my name in order to save his own position.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Kranti Redkar

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