‘ईटीवी भारत’ की किच-किच से दुखी हो कहा- अलविदा! पढें इस्तीफानामा

मुनीष जिंदल पंजाब के मोगा जिले में ईटीवी भारत वेब न्यूज चैनल के लिए बतौर स्ट्रिंगर काम करते थे. उन्होंने बीस हजार रुपये दिए तो इसके बदले उन्हों ईटीवी भारत की तरफ से मोजो किट दिया गया.

ईटीवी भारत प्रबंधन की तरफ से लगातार दबाव और पेमेंट में गैर-पेशेवर तरीके से कटौती के चलते मुनीष ने अपने समूह के ‘पंजाब इनपुट्स एंड ब्रेकिंग्स’ नामक ह्वाट्सअप ग्रुप में एक लंबा चौड़ा संदेश लिखा. इस ग्रुप में 44 लोग हैं जिसमें पंजाब के रिपोर्टर, स्ट्रिंगर और हैदराबाद आफिस के सीनियर्स व डेस्क के लोग शामिल हैं. इस ग्रुप में डाले गए मुनीष के मैसेज को किसी ने कापी करके भड़ास को भेजा है, जो इस प्रकार है-

Respected seniors,

क्या ये रोज की किच किच. a number of instructions, day plans……….and all for stringers. Its very hard to continue with you people against little payments. You people need professional work without professional payments. I can work with your norms. Give me 30 thousand plus package. So that i would remain free from my monthly expenses.

I have MOJO. But SORRY, i can’t use it on daily basis especially for scripting purpose. I want to earn money, name and fame but not at the cost of my health. MOJO effects our eyes and neck a lott. I can work on wrap. Sending a story on wrap doesn’t mean that we have managed the story every time. Sir, practically we have to work in the field with coordination and cooperation. Many times when we are in field, we receive a call from other reporters that today I am busy and will take this news from you. So, we have to shoot the story on camera leaving MOJO aside. Even we people have to do the same thing many times. Moreover working on wrap, effects little. At least one can work on desktop with that Moreover its just impossible to cover the spots on MOJO. Many times, the same spots are required by other channels also. So, we have to sent to them also. Because BOSSES the payments, you are paying, are very little. its very hard to meet day to day expenses in that payment. I am a educated and experienced fellow in this field. I have no problem in working with any E gadget. But I need good payments. NO घर फूंक कर तमाशा.

How anybody else is managing with the same payments. I am not concerned about them. I am concerned with my payments, my bills only. I have requested many times to the desk, especially Ankur ji regarding the cuttings in my bills. Even you may check my mails sent to the office in this regard. But I am SORRY to say that till date, I have not received any response in this regard. Sir, I think you need fresh reporters. Who are MAD to become a reporter. They need mike id’s and i-card by hook and crook. They can do expenses on channel. But sir I have joined channel to increase my source of income.

Whereas our story editing is concerned, so sir its not the duty of a stringer. You have not bought the stringer by just paying him/her Rs 150/- per news. If anybody from the desk along with my respected seniors could run his/her house in the payments you are giving to the stringers, I will work with your esteemed channel for the whole life on your norms. So my respected seniors, please be practical and avoid this exploitation in this field. For public, we are the fourth pillar of the society. But where is the base of that forth pillar. Perhaps it has been swallowed by the big houses for their personal benefits.

Sir definitely, one of my group admin will remove me from this group after this truth. But sir I just want to share my feelings with my colleagues before leaving the group and also, let them inform the reason behind my dismissal from this group. So, better you assume my this letter as my resignation. Also you are requested to clear my pending bills with the bill clarifications. After that, please let me know where I have to submit the MOJO kit.

I don’t have any personal grievances with anybody and what i have written, are my personal experience and feelings. I may be wrong. If I have hurt anybody in anyways, I apologize for that. Anyways in the meanwhile I have learnt a lott from your side and got few good friends through your channel. I shall be always Thankful to you for that.


Munish Jindal

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  • Lokesh rishi says:

    इस में कुछ भी नयाँ नहीं है, बड़ी मीडिया कम्पनियों ने स्ट्रिंगर को बेवकूफ समझना शुरू कर दिया है।

    या तो वह सभी को पैसा खोर समझने लगे हैं, और इसी आड़ में लोगों द्वारा की गई मेहनत के बदले पैसे देने ज़रूरी नहीं समझ रहे


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