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विश्व फोटोग्राफी दिवस के दिन न्यूज फोटो एजेंसी ‘न्यूज ग्राफ’ लांच

World Photography Day : Photojournalists launch News Photo Agency

Shall provide large pool of pics for ‘pay and use’ model

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With an aim to revolutionise the world of photo journalists, an innovative photo agency, News Graph has been launched.

The agency has been conceptualised by veteran photo journalists. This platform has been designed in a unique way where both photo journalists and media houses can be mutually benefitted.

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News Graph began its journey on February 3, 2018 in Chandigarh. After initial success, the founder converted it into Newsgraph Infotainment Media LLP on World Photography Day August 19, 2020. Now this platform is open for all upcoming and senior photo journalists across the country. This will provide a ready platform where photo journalists can learn and earn.

By associating with this agency, photo journalists can have multiple benefits. The agency will allow them to create their own profile and photo gallery which will be showcased to all reputed media houses and various other organisations. If their photograph gets chosen for publication, then they shall get paid. The agency will help the photo journalists to earn a decent amount if they can share their exclusive pictures.

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In an interesting feature, the agency will give cash awards to the best picture of the day or month. Besides, News Graph will provide all relevant information related to photo journalists. A team of experts will help them through webinars and exclusive events.

At the same time, the agency will help the media houses who are reeling under economic crisis as it will reduce their dependency on other agencies. The editor of Newsgraph Pankaj Sharma said that our visual database will bring forth the talent of photo journalists. The founder of the agency Anil Thakur said that an excellent platform has been created where media houses and photo journalists can draw innumerable benefits.

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