अजय कुमार के इस्तीफे के बाद न्यूज नेशन के एंकर रवीश बिष्ट ने देखें क्या लिखा फेसबुक पर

उपरोक्त स्टेटस पर आए ढेरों कमेंट्स में से कुछ प्रमुख यूं हैं-

Anita Choudaary : Really ? Plz don’t joke yaar! I know it’s tough time in NN and you are trying to be with one lobby but he is not a right person. Believe me.

Ravish Bisht : First of all I’m not in any lobby …He’s good for me so doesn’t matter. And he’s resigned so I cannot understand the word ‘Tough Times’ and I’m trying to be in his lobby ..Come on …Not expected from you.

Anita Choudaary : good nice to hear that you are not in any lobby . But differ from another point . Any way everyone has there own experience. Good luck.

Ravish Bisht : Yes 👍

मूल खबर-

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