Not Stopped Crime Against Indian Womens

Both acid attack and rape, on indian womens take place because  of some or few males who  think women as un natural or low grade  human beings, which they are not . prison term for accused  in these cases have not stopped crime against indian womens.

gov should pass a law which should  state clearly if some one throws, acid on women or man, and the victim suffers  burns on face or looses an eye or eye sight, then not only the accused should get 10 years imprisonment but also his property or his family’s property , if he is living with his family, would be auctioned and the money from the auction would go for treatment of the victim in india or abroad.

one more method is just like how sim purchase requires identity and address proof, similarly if anyone buys acid from shop or factory should be forced to submit the relevant documents while purchasing acid for industrial or any workshop etc purpose.

Now rape cases

well court should award the rapist death penalty , not only for physical abuse but  most importantly for the mental trauma which is inflicted on the rape victim, whether the victim is a girl, boy, women or man. death penalty and fast track courts are only solutions in rape cases. cases, even if they are two decade old,  whether non communal or communal should also be included for review in courts.

fast track court should give judgement in case of gang rapes , rape of children’s , whether boy or girl , aged below 15 years , as death penalty. Kindly don’t take my religion as a basis for not considering this letter as Pil in court.

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