जी ग्रुप के एडिटर रहे दिनेश शर्मा ने दो वेबसाइटों के खिलाफ कंप्लेन फाइल किया


The Senior Superintendant of Police,

S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali).

Subject: Complaint against the editors, publishers and News Reporters of wicnews dot com and adgully dot com for publishing false, malicious, derogatory and defamatory news on their websites and the persons who are also involved in publication of false, malicious, derogatory and defamatory news on these websites.


With due respect, the complainant submits as under:

  1. That the complainant was the Editor in Zee Media and Channel Head of Zee Punjab, Haryana, Himachal. The complainant had overall 22 years of experience in media out of which 20 years of experience in Zee Media in two terms. The complainant was also the former Vice President of Press Club of India.
  2. That the complainant during his tenure as an Editor in Zee Media had, many a times, highlighted and brought into the notice of the public the various scams in which politicians or high profile persons are involved. The complainant had also raised the issue of drugs menace through his news media channel.
  3. That since, the complainant used to highlight the issues in which some big politicians are involved, therefore, those politicians and some media persons started raising false allegations against the complainant just to lower his voice. The complainant had initiated legal action against them as well. However, the complainant is a person of dignity and self esteem and therefore, he did not stop and kept raising the issues before public openly through his media channel and had never compromised with the same.
  4. That on 08.10.2019, the complainant had himself resigned from Zee Media for moving ahead and had thanked his team members and well wishers for being a great support. The said resignation was accepted by Mr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman Zee Group with a message of ‘Best Wishes’.
  5. That however, to the utter shock the aforementioned websites had published the false news on their website by publishing that the complainant was removed by the Zee News over alleged ‘corruption charges’.
  6. That in the above news items, just to malign the reputation of the complainant, the editors and reporters of the aforesaid websites had published the false and derogatory news that the complainant was sacked by Zee Media over Corruption allegations, whereas the complainant had himself resigned from Zee Media and his resignation was duly accepted by Zee Media. Further it was alleged in the news item that the complainant has amassed wealth and assets that do not correspond with his declared income. This discrepancy has now been brought to the attention of the Income Tax and ED Department, which has instituted an enquiry against the complainant. The department is also probing into the large sums of money that have allegedly been sent abroad by the complainant. However, there is no such enquiry pending against the complainant at the instance of Income Tax Department or ED and the complainant has not escaped any income and is a regular income tax payee.
  7. That the complainant has the apprehension that the said false and derogatory news items were published by the aforesaid websites at the instance of the politicians and media persons against whom the complainant had raised the voice as they were involved in drug menace in Punjab and just to lower the voice of the complainant these false, derogatory and defamatory news had been circulated maliciously on social media.
  8. That the said false, derogatory, malicious and defamatory news items were spread like a fire in public across the country and abroad and has had a catastrophic effect on the complainant’s personal and social reputation in the society.
  9. That the said false, derogatory, malicious and defamatory news items were spread within the territorial jurisdiction of the Police Station at Phase 1, Mohali and large number of people from that area had read those articles/news in Phase 1 Mohali and on the basis of the said false news item/article started distancing themselves from the complainant because of the impugned publication. Therefore, the Police Station at Phase 1, Mohali has territorial jurisdiction to entertain and investigate this complaint.
  10. That the accused persons in conspiracy with each other and other politicians and media persons have committed the offences under Section 420, 465, 469, 499, 500, 501, 502 and 120-B IPC by publishing and circulating false, malicious and defamatory news items, which have caused irreparable loss to esteem, prestige and image and reputation of the complainant and the accused persons have also committed the offence under Section 420, 465, 469 IPC as the accused persons had destroyed the reputation of the complainant which is a valuable security for the complainant and the accused persons have also forged the news of resignation with malafide intention for the purpose of harming reputation of the complainant.
  11. That it is also submitted that thorough investigation should also be done to bring all culprits to the book and to investigate that: Who are the person running these websites? Why they are publishing these fake news? At whose instance they are publishing these false news? How can they use and write the names of the Institutions like ED/ Income Tax Department? This all should also be investigated in addition to registration of case against the aforesaid accused persons and to register a case against those persons as well who are actually behind this publication of false, malicious, derogatory and defamatory news.

It is, therefore, respectfully prayed that a thorough investigation shall be initiated and a strict legal action be taken against the aforesaid editors, publishers and reporters of www.wicnews.com and www.adgully.com and other persons at whose instance, those news items have been published in the websites, as earliest, in the interest of justice and a case be registered against them as earliest.
Yours faithfully,

Dated: 11.10.2019

Dinesh Sharma S/o Dr. Laxmi Nand Sharma
Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301

Copy to:

  1. SHO, PS Phase 1, Mohali.
  2. Inspector General of Police, Punjab State Cyber Crime, Mohali.

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