K Vikram Rao : The Bluff Master

Dear Prakash Mishra,

We do not know whether you are a person in flesh and bones or a ghost created by Mr.Vikram Rao because he has the inherent nature of creating such imaginary persons as to cover his misdeeds. But if you are really a person in body and form then we must congratulate you for weaving such cock and bull stories. Sitting in the hinterland of Odisha in Behrampur if you had so much information (or figment of imagination) about what happened in Chennai then you are certainly a supernatural person. It is not your fault. In fact, your ‘creator’ Vikram Rao suffers from a disease called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and that is why Parmanand Pandey, Hemant Tiwari and K. Asudhulla haunt him even in his dreams (courtesy opening line of the Manifesto of the Communist Party). He must not forget that his depravity will turn out to be a nightmare for him.

First of all, let us make it very clear the book that you have referred to was not on Ms.Jayalalitha. There was no preamble or introduction from the writer. It was mere compilation of facts and information which was received through RTI. The information was given by the government departments and nobody has disputed the facts till date. The RTI activist is a member of the CUJ. Therefore, we feel proud of the part of the book release function organised by the CUJ. Those who watch the scales of power cannot fight corruption and that is what your manufacturer Mr Vikram Rao has done all along.

It also demonstrates the imbecility and cowardice writer when he says that ‘you must be feeling ashamed of the results of Tamilnadu election’.  What is there to be ashamed of? Does it mean that those who contested elections in Tamilnadu and lost should feel ashamed of contesting the election? Is it your definition of democracy? It is the beauty of the democracy to fight for one’s cause irrespective of the consequences. Therefore, Mr. Unknown Mishra, our fight will continue for the eradication of corruption from all walks of life to the extent that is possible from us. The purpose of journalism is to spouse to the cause of the people and not to work like a tout and broker. What we did was in true spirit of journalism what Mr. Vikram Rao is doing falls in the other category. He is adept and expert in changing his colours like a chameleon and grin before the powers that be. That is the reason that he has been able to get monetary favours from all dispensations – Congress to BJP to Samajwadi Party to RJD and JD(U).

Today Mr Vikram Rao is singing paeans to Ms Jayalalitya but few years ago he was praising Karunanidhi to be the tallest leader of the state with the choicest abuse reserved for the lady. This is his character. Parmanand Pandey, on the other hand, is steeled with struggles and has come out from the trial of the fire. Therefore, when you say that by releasing a book Parmanand Pandey and IFWJ leaders B.V. Mallikarjunaiah, Hemant Tiwari, K. Asudhulla, Anbazagharn and others have disgraced the journalists’ community of Tamilnadu is not only ridiculous but a self-explained commentary on Mr. Vikram Rao and his known and unknown ilk. Mr.Vikram Rao has been illegally using the name and the banner of the ‘Indian Federation of Working Journalists’ (IFWJ) even after his expulsion from the organisation shows his shamelessness. But don’t worry, appropriate action will follow very soon against this discredited man, who was a journalist once upon a time. He sold the profession of journalism for furtherance of his own benefits. New he is out to besmirch of the name of the IFWJ, which we would never allow him to do. Despite his all widow-wailing no journalist from all over the country has thought it fit to stand with him. He is treated like a pariah by everybody.

His role as a member of the Manisana and Majithia Wage Boards has been despicable to say the least. We thought that he will have some remorse for his sinful and insincere acts towards journalists but alas! That is not so with Mr Vikram Rao. As far as our office in Kotla (Delhi) is concerned if you (if you exist at all) may visit it on any working day. It is behind the Indian Express building of which you claim to be a correspondent in Behrampur although we have enquired it from Delhi and Bhubaneswar offices of the Indian Express and we have been told that there is no person in the name of Prashant Mishra, who works as their correspondent. But nothing is impossible for Mr. Vikram Rao, who thinks that he can run any phoney organisation with the help of bimbos, floozies, tourists, anti-union retired journalists and jobless sundry creatures. We can only say about his letter to Ms. Jayalalitha that the leadership of the IFWJ, which was present at the book release ceremony, would be more than happy if any inquiry is conducted by the State Government. The inquiry will be the vindication of our fight against corruption. As far as his clam for the IFWJ is concerned, anybody can find it out from the same phone no., which he has given in his letter, to know his locus standi and status. The time has come to call the bluff of Mr. Vikram Rao, the bluffmaster, that he is.

With wish all best,

Yours sincerely,
K. Asudhulla
Secretary (South)

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