The book was an attempt by an honest journalist : Sudesh Verma

Dear Shri Yashwantji. I do not know whether to laugh at your story referring to me or to question your credibility? Without knowing anything about me, you have written the story. And you did not even think it worthwhile to refer to me as a journalist- you have called me former journalist. You did not even bother to cross check with me making the story completely one sided and untruthful. (

For your information I am consulting editor for and a regular columnist there. Besides this, I have been writing articles regularly for various magazines and websites. I also go to Television News channels as guest/expert on political and social issues. I do not know what more one needs to do to qualify to be termed a journalist despite spending about two decades in journalism. My last stint  was as News Editor of NewsX Television channel. Also, I am not a formal part of the publishing house, you have mentioned, which is owned and run by my wife Renu Kaul Verma who was a journalist with various newspapers including Times of India, The Hindustan Times and The Indian Express.

Now about the main issue. My book Narendra Modi: The GameChanger  was not released even once. The book came in the market in February 2014 and it was discussed with a lot of enthusiasm by Modi fans in small groups. Even in Australia the book was released by an enthusiast as many people picked it up as a part of the campaign of Modi-PM. It was sheer luck that the book became the best seller even when it could not be released formally before the elections.

Once Modji became the PM, I decided to revise the book and formally launch it. This explains the new cover of the book and the launch on 29 August 2014. I am sure you have been fed wrong information by vested interested based on which you have put out the story. The fact is that I took leave of my job to write this book and later resigned. The book was an attempt by an honest journalist like me to call a spade a spade. If you read the book you would know this. I have been knowing Shri Modiji for the last 20 years and hence I did not need to write a book to grab his attention. It was an honest calling of a true soul in the best interests of the nation.


Sudesh Verma

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