Osho की एक rare photo

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Ajay Tiwari-

ओशो २६ वर्ष की उम्र में प्रोफेसर की पहली पोस्टिंग संस्कृत कॉलेज रायपुर में, सन् १९५७ ।

Narendra Kumar Dixit-

Osho criticized the administration that he was posted as professor of Philosophy in a Sanskrit College where there was no subject of philosophy.

Ajay Tiwari-

Narendrakumar Dixit After that he worked as lecturer of Philosophy at Jabalpur University in 1958 and promoted to professor in 1960. Osho became very famous with name Acharya Rajneesh. In 1962, Osho started 3- 10 days meditation programs in the countryside which is known as the Life Awakening Movement. After a controversial speaking tour in 1966, Osho resigned from his teaching post.
In 1968 Osho is known for anti religion speeches. Osho said that Religion is an art that shows how to enjoy life. In 1969 Osho got the name “Sex Guru” By Indian Press.

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