”नौकरी से निकाले जाने के बावजूद प्रगति पांडेय मुझे कंपनी की मेल आईडी से मेल कैसे भेज रही हैं?”

Respected Rajeev Parashar sir,

Suject : A serious escalation

I hereby bring to your kind notice that I am writing this email to you as a follow up mail written on 24th October, 2015. This mail is regarding a gross misuse of News24’s technical resources by Pragati Pandey.

A few days back I came to know that Pragati Pandey was fired by News24’s management after I exposed her unethical and illegal activities putting the channel’s prestige at stake. As a responsible citizen of this country and as a journalist working in this industry, I consider it of utmost importance to reveal the unpleasant truths and the corrupt practices prevailing in this industry.

When News24’s management took the ultimate decision to terminate Pragati Pandey from her job on October 24, 2015, I welcomed the step as a corrective measure adopted by ‘Bag Films’.

But you will be surprised to know that even after being terminated from News24, Pragati Pandey has been sending me occassional emails from her corporate email id-


I would like to inform you that I have received many blackmail messages from the same email id in the distant past. But in recent days, I have been receiving small ‘poke mails’ from the same email id- pragati.pandey@bagnetwork.in even after Pragati Pandey was fired.

While some of the senior journalists working in the industry told me that News24 doesn’t delete ex-employees’ corporate mail ids, I doubt if some new conspiracy is being hatched against me by News24’s management by using Pragati Pandey as a proxy. Moreover I also found that former online department’s HOD- Mr.Alok Sharma’s corporate email id still remains active. But that is not my concern (as it is all about your company’s internal policy). But it is a matter of serious concern for me if Pragati Pandey is using her email id to send me provocative messages after her termination from News24.

So I hereby request you to delete all ex-employees’ corporate email ids including that of Pragati Pandey ( pragati.pandey@bagnetwork.in ) and Mr.Alok Sharma to prevent further misuse of the company’s technical tools and resources. If it is not possible for ‘Bag Films’ to delete those email ids, then News24’s Information Technology Department must try to take control of such pariah email ids (by changing the existing passwords). Please stop gross misuse of your company’s technological resources by ex-employees.

I apprehend that Pragati Pandey’s termination was a mere farce eyewash by News24’s management. The management still seems to be using her to attack me.

I don’t expect any more future emails from the invalid mail id- pragati.pandey@bagnetwork.in  at my inbox.

For your reference, the following is the URL link to Pragati Pandey’s admin page on News24’s website-


Please take necessary action to prevent further misuse of ex-employees’ email ids.

Thanks and Regards,
Amartya Sinha
Senior Public Relations Officer,
Renault India Ltd.

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