“LOOT” by private school authorities

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Mrs. Smriti Irani

Hon’ble Education Minister


Respected Madam,

I would like to bring to your kind notice the following activities which are going on regularly in Adharsheela Global School, Sector-3, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad:-

1. All parents are forced to buy books, stationery & uniform from school only (audio clip 29th March enclosed in which teacher of this school is confirming to me that it’s mandatory to buy books & stationery from school only and there is no other choice for parents).

2. In audio clip of 30th March (1st) there is a long conversation between me and school principal where she is saying whatever she do is correct and whatever she says is right. She is not ready to accept this that all parents are being forced by the school to buy books and stationery from the school only whereas I am saying that it is not correct whatever she is saying as I have a proof that I am being told by your staff that “ALL THE PARENTS HAVE TO BUY BOOKS & STATIONERY FROM SCHOOL ONLY”.

She is also agreeing that there is no “Parent Teacher Association” which is mandatory for every CBSE affiliated school.

3. In Audio clip of 30th March (2nd) you can listen the conversation between me and school principal in which she is saying that the NCERT books are of very low level and also accepting that the books of private publishers are being used by the schools just because of the COMMISSION goes to school management.

4.  In audio clip of 23rd April you can listen that principal is again saying that NCERT books are of very low level and also not able to satisfy me why school is charging – Activity Fee, Examination Fee & Sports Fee on monthly basis when they have already charged Rs.9500/- towards annual fee. In reply to my monthly fee question she said that this is the only school who is giving breakup of monthly fee and also said there are lot of expanses on printing and examination sheets which is also wrong statement of the principal because school uploads the assignments & holiday homework and asks students to download on their own and complete.

School is also charging Rs.100/- for syllabus which I believe is also not correct. School is also “LURED” students by saying that “IF THEY WILL TAKE SUBSCRIPTION OF TIME N/E MAGAZINE THEY WILL TAKE THEM TO CINEMA HALL TO WATCH “JUNGLE BOOK” MOVIE. School offered the same subscription last year also and made it mandatory but rolled back the mandatory and made it optional when school authorities were questioned by the parents.

In reply to my question regarding annual charges, she said that Rs.9500/- is towards development charges because school is expanding and also making Labs and moreover school has not generated any profit so far. My question is that if Rs.9500/- is towards development than for what they are charging Rs.1500/- (FEE RECEIPTS ENCLOSED OF DIFFERENT SCHOOL).

Madam, I am not able to understand that is the school now a “EDUCATION SHOP” from where management wants to generate profit instead of giving education?

Madam, I request you to kindly look into it and take appropriate action against the school to stop the “LOOT” and save hard earned money of the parents.

Best Regards

Ashish Goel


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