Rajasthan Government Appoints 39 Special Labour Inspectors to Enquire the Majithia Status

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Ram P. Yadav (Secy. IFWJ) : After Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, the Rajasthan Government has appointed the Special Labour Inspectors in compliance with the direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The Government has appointed 39 Labour Inspectors of different ranks under Section 17B of the Working Journalists Act.

All Additional Labour Commissioners, all Joint Labour Commissioners, all Deputy Labour Commissioners and all Labour Welfare Officers posted at the headquarters in Jaipur have been tasked to monitor the marathon exercise of investigation about the status of the implantation of the Majithia Award. In a significant development, the State Government has appointed one Labour Inspector for each district of the state. We take this opportunity to compliment the State government.

This order for the appointment the officials has been passed by the Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan and released by Shri Dhan Raj Sharma, the Additional Labour Commissioner and Ex-Officio Joint Secretary to the Administration.

There is no doubt that the proprietors of the newspapers who have been dodging the implementation of all previous Wage Boards will not find any escape route this time. 

However, it is doubted that the managements may cook up fake balance sheet or the number of employees. The newspapers from Rajasthan particularly Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Bhaskar are notorious for circumventing the laws.

Right from the time the employees of the Rajasthan Patrika and Dainik Bhaskar have filed their Contempt Petitions vide nos. 572/2014, 103/2015, 105/2015, 283/2015, 101/2015, 104/2015, 106/2015, 107/2015, 286/2015 through Advocate Parmanand Pandey, the owners of newspapers have resorted to large-scale victimization of employees. It may sound strange but it is a fact that both the newspapers have arbitrarily terminated the services of many journalists and non-journalists. It is the height of the shamelessness on the part of the newspaper proprietors that they have not observed even the semblance of the basic principles of natural justice while terminating the employees. 

It is shocking that some of the employees who have been working as clerks are some other capacity have been transferred to far of places like Kottayam, Thiruananthpuram, Jagdalpur and Ranchi etc. where these newspapers even do not have any offices.

An employee of Bhilwara has been transferred to Dhanbad, which amply demonstrates the perversion and the malafide of the proprietors towards their own employees who have given the best of their life for the progress of the newspaper.

It is expected that these Special Inspectors, particularly the top officials of the Labour Department, will take care of artifice and ingenuity of the proprietors, out to frustrate their very exercise, they are going to undertake.  If the proprietors of the newspapers are not caught and fittingly punished; then there will be no hope for justice for employees. Therefore, to maintain the faith in justice, fair play and administrative capacity of the Government, the Labour Officials will have to play the role with all sincerity. This will certainly restore the confidence of the employees and will prove a deterrent for the violators of the law.

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Comments on “Rajasthan Government Appoints 39 Special Labour Inspectors to Enquire the Majithia Status

  • My suggestion is we should get a Specimen Salary Worksheet on any one of Majithia Wage Board Basic Pay, with category of the organisation, designation of the employee clearly mentioned, place of employment, etc.

    The Specimen Salary Worksheet should contain Basic Pay, Variable Dearness Allowance with 6-month period and DA points clearly mentioned along with Base 167, Variable Pay (with applicable percentage for the category mentioned), HRA (with applicable percentage for the category mentioned), TA (with applicable percentage for the category mentioned), applicable PF deduction. This will put to rest all the doubts on how to calculate various items in the salary.

    I request the authorities to do the needful in this regard.


    I agree with Shri Madhavan comment.
    From day one we are struggling for proper implementation of Majithia Wage Board.
    Majority managements implemented as per direction of INS (Indian Newspaper Society).
    INS misinterpreted the judgment of SC dated 7th Feb., 2014.
    We want wage board implemented as proper way.

  • CS Baskar says:

    This news should be spread to one and all as it is clear that none of the newspapers will publish this as a news .all social media should be used to highlight this .


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