पत्रकार रविंदर बावा की सस्ती कार चुराकर महंगी कार छोड़ गए चोर!


My car Silver Wagon R DL7CD 9507 (2006 Make) was stolen from New Rajinder Nagar on the night of 16-17 Nov 2016. The strangest part is that the thieves left behind a Honda City stolen from New Friends Colony on 24th october 2016 and took my ten year old Wagon R. Since 17th November when the FIR 033841 was registered I have no one has come to investigate.

I contacted the SHO Sanghmitra of Rajinder Nagar Police Station and she said, ‘Madam nayi gadi khareedne ki taiyari karo’. Then I had scaled it up to the DCP Mandeep, (central district) and am hoping there will be some progress in investigation. The details of my investigating officer was sent to me by police the day I registered the FIR but I am yet to receive a call from him or meet him.

I have a fear that the thieves have some other purpose of stealing my car because they left behind a more expensive car behind. I fear it is being used to transport illegal cash at this time of demonitisation as this was mentioned to me by a policeman who was the first to respond to the 100 number call. Please do see if this is a story worth telling as to how cars are being used to transfer black money of hoarders.

Name of the Investigating Officer SURESH KUMAR

Rank HC

PIS Number 28950334

Officer’s Email Id cd-rajenderngr-io14-dl@nic.in



Phone Number 011-28742712

Ravinder Bawa,

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Comments on “पत्रकार रविंदर बावा की सस्ती कार चुराकर महंगी कार छोड़ गए चोर!

  • Umesh Chaturvedi says:

    मेरे साथ भी मई में ऐसा हो चुका है..जांच अधिकारी की कॉल आने से रही रविंदर जी…मैंने पीएमओ तक में शिकायत की..लेकिन जवाब वही आया, जो पुलिस ने पीएमओ को दिया…


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