पत्रकार शशिकांत को कुचल कर मारने वाली कार में जमीन के धंधे में लिप्त भाजपा नेता बैठा हुआ था!

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Hyderabad/Chandigarh : The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) expressed shock and dismay that a journalist has been mowed down by criminals in broad daylight. In a statement issued on Thursday IJU President K. Sreenivas Reddy, Secretary General Balwinder Singh Jammu strongly condemned the ghastly murder of Shashikant Warishe, a journalist working for Mahanagari Times.

Warishe was constantly raising the voice of anti-refinery public opinion. His last news despatch published in Mahanagari Times on 6 February 2023 was about a person named Pandharinath Amberkar who deals in lands in the area where the refinery is said to be coming. The news photograph showed Amberkar in the company Prime Minister Modi along with the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of the State. It is suspected that Amberkar was in the car which deliberately ran down Warishe.

The killing of Warishe is a heinous attack on Democracy itself, said the IJU leaders. They demanded that the accused should be prosecuted in a fast track court and punished. The IJU leaders reiterated their long pending demand that a separate statute be enacted for safety of journalists.

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