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Wanted Delhi Media Council And Fair Journalists Order for Dignity

Delhi Union of journalists(DUJ), in a charter to the state Chief Minister Shri. Arvind Kejriwal released today, has called for setting up of a Delhi Media Council of experts and journalists’ trade unions belonging both the print and electronic media in the state, to look into issues of protecting journalists and their interests- which could be a model looking into ethical issues too.

In a memorandum following an executive meeting on Monday, the president Mr. S.K.Pande and general secretary Sujata Madhok, have called for support for moves to make the working journalist act more broad based to include the electronic media by suggesting amendments to the Working Journalists Act. They should also include steps against unfair labour practice and oppose all moves to kill the Working Journalists Act and other labour laws seeking to replace them by labour codes already opposed by various unions all over the country.

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Key other demands are fast track courts for the current wage board implementation in a time bound manner as per the historic Supreme Court ruling of February 7th, 2014.

The demands for a permanent wage fixation machinery/wage board, affordable health care scheme as in some other states . Delhi state should also even now at least take the initiative to have its own pension scheme for journalists like in many states .

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The charter also calls for giving bodies like the DUJ and its National Alliance of Journalists proper representation in the Delhi Press Accreditation Committee as per past practise and conventions.

At the same time what was needed once again was an affordable cooperative housing scheme for the younger generation of journalists, artists and writers as had been done in the past. We further request the allotment of housing plots to journalists’ organizations to enable the building of affordable cooperative housing in Delhi.

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