‘एबीपी न्यूज़ नेटवर्क’ बना ‘एबीपी नेटवर्क’

नए नाम और नई पहचान के साथ नेटवर्क की प्रमुख प्रस्तुतियों में भी किए जाएंगे बदलाव एवं विस्तार… एबीपी न्यूज़ नेटवर्क ने अपने ब्राण्ड का नाम बदल कर ‘एबीपी नेटवर्क’ कर लिया है। नए डिज़ाइन के लोगो के साथ नया नाम ब्राण्ड को नई पहचान देगा और कंपनी के विकास एवं बदलाव को परिलक्षित करेगा।

ABP News Network rechristens itself as ABP Network, The new name & identity will transform and expand the network’s key offerings

Noida : As part of an ongoing evolution, ABP News Network has changed its brand name to ‘ABP Network’. Along with its redesigned logo, the new name comprises part of a comprehensive repositioning strategy with a novel brand identity, designed to mirror the growth and transformation of the company.

This brand identity represents an evolution from the organization’s previous roots. In its new avatar, ABP Network will be expanding its offerings ‘beyond news’ to allied spheres such as content creation, production, brand solutions, and more. While driving its innovative offerings, the media conglomerate will invest in cutting-edge technology, providing best-in-class solutions to clients and crafting engaging experiences to nurture an empowered society.

A fulcrum of this transformation will be ‘ABP Creations’ – a content and production company combining a collective experience of knowledge on India dating to 1922. ABP Studios, which comes under the purview of ABP Creations is a one-stop shop for all content needs in creatives, production, licensing & syndication. Driven by a team of multilingual visual storytellers, who know India like no one else, ABP Studios offers ingenious content to enlighten, engage and entertain national and international audiences. ABP Creations will dare to do what others don’t, go where others won’t – narrating the most exclusive, untold Indian stories.

On its brand makeover, Avinash Pandey, CEO – ABP Network, said, “This milestone is the beginning of another epoch-making journey for ABP Network. Over the years, we have focused on delivering the latest, most accurate news to viewers worldwide. Moreover, we have achieved undisputed leadership in the news genre. However, this new identity will give us leeway to be more than just a news media company. While helping us embrace digital technologies and become future-ready, it will also allow us to innovate more while scaling greater heights. What’s more, it will help us inspire people, spark imaginations, and enlighten minds.”

The complete rebranding, including the new logo, is conceptualized by Saffron Brand Consultants – an independent global brand consultancy based in Madrid, Spain.

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