Benefits of Obtaining Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification That Won’t Leave You Indifferent

The ability to provide expert enterprise networking solutions has offered many professionals great career benefits. Most networking job roles demand enterprise networking skills, which can be obtained through training. Gaining them will make you one of those specialists. You will be accessing unique opportunities to advance yourself in the world of technology. Cisco has a plan to help you enjoy these advantages. In this article, we will discuss the CCNP Enterprise certificate and its related exams. You will also be learning how itwill make a difference to you and your career.

Requirements for CiscoCCNP Enterprise certification
This professional-level credential is one of those that Cisco has recently introduced. This means that it is still new in the market. And if you can take advantage of this certificate today by pursuing it, you will have a lifetime opportunity.

To earn CCNP Enterprise, you need to ace two exams. The first one is a core test, while the second one is going to be selected from a list of six concentrationexams. Before we can share with you the benefits of getting this Cisco Certification Test 200-301 – CCNP Enterpise – CCIE – Devnet Professional – A+ .

Core exam

350-401 ENCOR is acore test that is also called Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies. To pass it, you need to be proficient in technical topics that include dual-stack architecture, infrastructure, virtualization, security, network assurance, and automation.

Concentration tests

  • 300-410 (ENARSI): This exam verifies if you’re knowledgeable in advanced implementation and troubleshooting of routing technologies as well as services. The topics include the coverage of Layer 3, infrastructure security, VPN services, infrastructure services, and infrastructure automation.
  • 300-415 (ENSDWI): Before sitting for this certification test, you need to be familiar with the topics, such as SD-WAN infrastructure, deployment of edge router, policies, multicast, and controller deployment. You also must be proficient in security, quality of service, management, as well as operations.
  • 300-420 (ENSLD): This concentrationexamevaluatesthe student’s skills in working with advanced business campus networks, advanced addressing as well as routing technologies, WAN, network services, security services, visit Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification.
  • 300-425 (ENWLSD): Passing this Cisco test proves your mastery in designing wireless networks. The objectives to cover include site surveys, wired infrastructure, wireless infrastructure, mobility, and high availability for WLAN.
  • 300-430 (ENWLSI): The implementation of wireless networks is what this examis all about. The candidates must have the relevant knowledge of technical areas, including QoS, Flex Connect, multicast, client connectivity security, advanced services for location, monitoring, and device hardening.
  • 300-435 (ENAUTO): To ace this certification test, the individuals need to have an exhaustive understanding of how to implement automated solutions for the enterprise. The main topic areas arePython programming, APIs, programming concepts, automation tools, and controllers.

It is up to you tochoose which of theconcentration exams to take afteryou have passed Cisco350-401. Each of the tests costs $300, which means you’ll have to part with $600 to get the credential.

Benefits of earningCisco CCNP Enterprise certification
It is possible to clearly see that the CCNP Enterprise certificate offers the applicants many options. Cisco designed this credential to help them demonstrate theirknowledge and skills in the ever-evolving enterprise networking landscape. Here is how you will benefit by obtaining it:

  • It demonstrates your skills to the IT world.Passing the relevant exams and earning this certification prove to the world that you know what you’re doing. Since it focuses on core technologies and an area of enterprise that you choose, holding it will add value to you and your profession.
  • It sets you apart other candidates.CCNP Enterprise is widely recognized and accepted in the industry. With this professional-level credential, your employers and colleagues are going to respect you since your skills will stand out. Your accomplishments will tell them how skilled you are in the area you have specialized in.
  • It gives you the ability to offer solutions. The organizations really need enterprise-based networking solutions. Once you have passed your exams and obtained the CCNP Enterprise badge, you will be helpful to them. Intent-based solutions for networking will help the companiesuse automation in scaling and securing their network architectures. Your skills are going to come in handy to them.
  • It gives you advanced opportunities. You can only be helpful in today’s fast-paced technology world if you have top-of-the-range enterprise networking skills. Through the CCNP Enterprise certificate, the Cisco program offers you a wide range of knowledge and skills that deeply focus on strategic areas of technology. This shows how the certification is going to play a big role in your career advancement.
  • It enhances yourpossibilities. The students’ job-focused knowledge andskills that they will get through CCNP Enterprise ensure that they fit perfectly intotheir role. The candidates will be able to qualify for positions, such as a network engineer, a network architect, a network specialist, and a network analyst. As a certified professional, youraverage annual pay can be about $97,000, according toPayScale.

The growing need for networking solutions by the companies requires more advanced skills. That is why the Cisco CCNP Enterprise credential ensures that there are enough professionals who can meet this growing demand. And with the benefits they’re set to enjoy, no specialistcan ignore this crucial opportunity. So, the earlier you go for the certificate, the better for you!

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