Mischief and fraud by TV channel News X

The News X channel contacted me today and sent their team of reporter and cameaman to my residence at around 1 pm. They put me on camera and connected me to their anchor (Mr Rahul) in the studio who asked specific questions in the context of Samjhauta explosion of February 2007, to which i gave answers. The conversation went on for 20-25 miniutes or so and I was told that it will be part of their evening telecast.

I had headed the SIT (Special Investigation Team) that was constituted to investgate the explosion. I had categorically stated to News X that the SIT had totally ruled out the invovement of any Pakistani hand or Simi group in the dastardly crime. In fact, I categorically told them that our perception was pointing to involvement of Hindu elements, which was shared time and again by SIT in discussions at MHA.

I also told about the emergence of names of Sunil Joshi and two others. I shared my conversation with late Mr Hemant Karkare of Maharashtra ATS, which confirmed our perception about Hindu elements invovlement. To my horror, in their ongoing TV debate, the news x have not only blocked my interview completely but the anchor is time and again building up a case that the Haryan SIT had unearthed connection of the crime with SIMI. It is nothing but a fabricated lie for which the TV channel and their anchor are squarely responsible.

Vikash Narain Rai

Former DG (Law & Order) Haryana


June 3, 2016 9:54 PM

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