दैनिक नवज्योति के पत्रकार पर अस्पताल वालों ने लगाया संगीन आरोप!

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to informed you that Dilip Morwal a correspondent from Dainik Navjyoti from Ajmer is pressurising us to prescribe particular medicines of paricular pharma company he own and that too available only at particular shop near red cross society .. we have complained Principal n Suprintendent sir but all in vain. He come daily in Hospial disturb our routine work talk very cheap and all rubbish.

In our absence meet nursing staff in wards . He was caught red handed several times but no strict action was taken being journalist. One female nurse was molestated too . She complained Seniors in Hospital but all were afraid of his bad deeds and anti publicity in news. We went and met Mr Chowdhry but surprisingly Mr Morwal turned to be more villanous.

We cannot disclose our identity as  we are afraid because Professors also doesn’t speak against him but hopeful that  strict action will be taken By Higher agencies and officials . Other correspondents from Bhasker and Patrika are very decent and they keep telling us that he is actually not a true journalist .His main business is trading cheap and Commission based medicines . And why should we cooperate when government is providing free medicines to all.

We are

Doctors and Residents

JLN Hospital


Right Singh ( publicgrievance20@gmail.com )

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