As we all know from long time buyers of NOIDA, Greaer Noida and Greater Noida west (Noida Extension) are waiting for their dream homes and now when they were thinking that their home will be ready to live, they are getting surprised by actions of different authorities and builders itself. Authorities are saying there can’t be possession as there is issue in getting completion certificate to these builders due to issue raised by NGT. On other hand builders are not satisfying buyers by giving the flat possession, they are giving reason that NGT approval is pending and some builders like Unitech is giving possession date in 2017 to the buyers who have booked flats in the year 2009.

Due to order of NGT over one lacks of buyers get affected and getting delay in delivery of their dream homes. This is due to one of the order by honorable Supreme court of India that there should not be any constructions which comes under 10 Kms. Of Okhla Bird Century. Now that matter is pending with NGT.
So We NEFOMA on behalf of lacks of buyers, request Government of India to intefare in this matter so that buyers can get their dream home. For that all flats buyers (under banner of NEFOMA) will follow the protest march, on 22nd June, 2014 starting from Atta Chook, Noida to DM office, at 11 AM IST.

Today NEFOMA had meeting with buyers of Noida, Greater Noida and Greater Noida West (Noida Extension) on the planning of protest march and finalized it. After this protest, we will handover Gyapan to District Magistrate for Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh. NEFOMA will raise issue on following points:

1.   Timely possession of flats. If not that happening then buyers should get compensation from builder so buyers can pay their current rent.

2.   There should not be any further burden on flat buyers if there is any compensation given to farmers. There is fault of authority so flat owners should not be panelized for that.

3.   If any builder developing extra flats in common area (without consent of buyers) which was not approved in initial layout plan.

4.   If Builder is rising extra floors in existing towers without consent of buyers.

5.   If builder is shifting of Amenities without consent of buyers.

6.   If builder changed the sanctioned layout plan without consent of buyers.

NEFOMA is standing with all the buyers and will fight on these issues as far as possible and will take care of buyer’s rights. In this regard NEFOMA organized members meeting. In the meeting Mr. Annu Khan, Mr. Ravi Trivadi, Mr. Sanjay Nainwal, Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, Mr. Gyanesh Sharma, Mr. Sanjeev Sonkar, Mr. Vineet, Mr. Shimbesh, Kumar Ravi, Mr. M. M Sharma, Sanjay Dawar, Kapil Garg, Mr. Bhavesh, Shiv Prakash, Shrinivas and Mr. Sandeep were present.
Thanks & Regards,
Mr. Annu Khan (President NEFOMA)
Mobile 9716025786, 9310056119, 8130193971, 9818160148, 9871190713


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