Open letter by a senior student of Sri Sri University for mismanagement which led to the Death of a child

Dear Sir,

This is my open letter to Sri Sri University . A university envisioned by Sri Sri Ravishankar which is now turned to a money making entity. A first year Student named Bhanu Thakur from Sri Sri University, resident of Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, who was the only child of his family died in the river next to the University. This pathetic incident happened near about 12pm today morning and his body was found at 6pm evening.

The University Management was hiding the news from local media just for the sake of their image. This is the same university whose officials will go to the #BapiShop nearby the university to check and threaten students for drinking even cold drinks but they never bothered about warning students about the river nearby when the rivers of the whole country are flowing above the danger level and we are struggling with flood.

This is the same university which claims to treat their students as child, follows the principles of the spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar and claims to be one of the safest campus in the World. The university is having a fleet of guards and other security parameters when it comes for imposing rules or threatening students but not a single one when it comes to safety.

This University which claims to be the happiest campus of the country has drastically failed to provide safety for its students and taken all the reasons to be happy for the student’s family. Few question arises with the incident:

1. Why first year bachelor’s course student is allowed to go outside without any adult supervision when the country is facing flood everywhere?

2. Why A student who has just came out from his home after completing class 12th, who has always lived in his family’s supervision was left alone or with his friends of the same age group to go out from the campus premises? and if he was allowed with permission then what action has been taken on that official?

3. Other Universities are having a day or two in a week outing rule with the supervision of the warden. Is Sri Sri University is having such kind of rules? If yes then how the student was allowed to go out today? And if not then why there is no such kind of rules?

4. Whose responsibility is this? Will Director Operations Mr. Narendra Lamba will take sole responsibility or the Security Incharge Kiran Patule who is very close to the Director Operations is responsible as it is a security mistake.

5. Why Sri Sri Ravishankar who claim to be the spiritual leader and worshipped as God is not doing anything?

And my final question is with the blind followers of  Sri Sri Ravishankar who have more than 1000 times tried to prove me that he is a God. Lord Krishna!

If I am not wrong today is Krishna Janmashtami, Birthday of Lord Krishna and If I am not wrong then your Guruji is the incarnation of Lord Krishna then how it is possible that a child, a student of first year B.Com from God’s own University died on his Birthday?

Where was he? Where are his special powers?

It is pathetic to see the students are still silent and few students are not allowing them to come infront of media to give statement when everyone has their fundamental right of “Freedom to speech”.

I am sure the University will start the blame game and some poor security guard will be punished to save Kiran Patule as he is very close to Director Operations and the character defaming will start against the student died. There will be more rules imposed to the students and a false report will be submitted to Sri Sri Ravishankar regarding this.

And Dear Management, I know after this post you will try to take revenge – action against me too but I don’t care!!

With no respect,
MBA 2014-16 student

sushovit sinha

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Comments on “Open letter by a senior student of Sri Sri University for mismanagement which led to the Death of a child

  • Dear Sushovit,

    I went through your open letter. It’s really a sad news I feel sorry for the lost. This lost can’t be recovered at any cost.
    But university must take lesson from this unwanted incident and stop sending thire students for any ‘Jalaya-arpan’.
    Individual life is more valuable than any ritual practice.
    Time Rahul

  • I agree with your sentiments and expect some action is taken. Regarding sri sri pls bear in mind that he is no krishna, simply a fake ghuru who is running his business of AOL. His only aim is to make money nd get himself a noble prize. Shame on him to project himself as a God.


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