श्री ग्रुप चेयरमैन मनोज द्विवेदी मेरा पैसा दबाए है, मैंने खुद नोटिस देकर इस्तीफा दिया : पंकज वर्मा

Dear Yashwant ji, Apropos our telecon of date I am forwarding you the copy of my E-mail dt 12.02.15 addressed to Mr Manoj Dwivedi, Chairman-Shri Group indicating my willingness to part from the Orgn on my own due to non-payment of salary and other expeses for over 6 months. The news carried by you quoting a so called letter dt 20.02.15 of Mr Umesh Azad, ED regarding my termination from the Orgn is totally wrong as no such letter whatsoever has been either served on me or intimated to me so far.

I have opted for one month notice period (1st March to 31 st March, 15) on my own due to acute financial crisis in Shri Group for the last one year or so. As discussed I will again request you to cross check with the concerned target audience before carrying such frivilous news item in your reputed News Portal known for its tremendous credibility. I am likely to join a leading News TV Channel shortly once my long pending dues are settled in Shri Group and you will be intimated about it in due course.

Warm Regards

Pankaj Verma

Sr Journalist

Mob No:



श्री न्यूज और श्री ग्रुप के चेयरमैन मनोज द्विवेदी को लिखा गया पत्र इस प्रकार है….

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: pankaj verma (pankajkverma1@yahoo.co.in)

To: Manoj Dwivedi ( chairman@shrigroup.co.in, chairman@shriinfratech.in )

Cc: Rishi Arora ( rishi@shrigroup.co.in ); rishi@shriinfratech.in ; Sharad Kesharwani ( sharad@shrigroup.co.in ); sharad@shriinfratech.in

Sent: Thursday, 12 February 2015 3:02 PM

Subject: Reg; Parting

Hon’ble Chairman,

I have been closely observing the recent development in the Group and continued financial constraints which has adversely affected not only the Media wing including Shri News & Shri Times but Infra Projects and Solar Venture of the Group as well.The Organisation has not able to utilize properly the services of professionals like us for which I was hired initially.It not only created frustrations at times but I really feel sorry for you as due to lack of professional support at the top level,there was a breakdown of your own speed as well.There is complete dearth of seasoned professionals at Sr level to match your speed and their inability to translate your vision into a ground reality.

I was earmarked by you for the Core Team 2.5 years back inspite of stiff resistance at the top and I continued to survive their onslaughts only because I had your complete trust and support.Whatever little I could contribute for the Orgn was only due to your confidence and faith in my abilities and competence, be it handling Shri News / Shri Times Affairs with UP / UTKD Govt Depts, Revenue oriented Deals, Himachal Election Venture, Haryana Project, Earmarking key personalities for Board of Director’s positions, Image / Brand Building exercises of the Group at the creamy level of Govt / Bureacracy / Corporate world, Misc Ventures including the Cooperative Bank Projects spreading over 7 virgin states including troublesome Maharastra & Kolkata to your utmost satisfaction. My greatest satisfaction remains in the fact that you still rate me very high and has been proudly saying on different occasions that no one in the Group can match my Performance level, Communication Skills, Competence level and ability to handle even the top brass of the Govt and Corporate world.

But I wonder how long you could have put a break on these disgruntled elements who were after my life and always tried to convince you for getting rid of me.I will not like to name them at this juncture but I had the privilege to get your views in confidence at times about their continued moves every now and then. Please recollect you at the time of my joining the Orgn had told me that this was the last Orgn of my professional career and “Shri Group” would take care of me and my family forever and some percentage of Share/Stakes would be passed on to me like others at the top,in case I match your expectations in due course.But today I realise you have to carry on with the Founder members of the Group and professionals like us can always be hired and fired on their whims and fancies.

In light of the financial constraints and inability of the Group to sustain continuance of Sr Staffs like us (though I being the exception one as all others in my level have remained Scot free so far) I intend to part with the Orgn with heavy heart.The period from 1st March to 31st March’15 may please be treated as mandatory one month’s Notice Period and I may please be relieved w.e.f. 1st April’15. Will request you to settle my dues at the earliest which amounts to roughly over 13 lacs (Salary for 6 months: 9 lacs,Routine Office Exps for last 1.5 yrs: 3.75 lacs,Office Car Driver’s salary for 5 months: 40K).

I am grateful to you for your complete trust in my abilities and competence and providing me a wonderful platform.I am thankful to all the Directors and colleagues,specially Alvina ji for extending their cooperation and it will be a great memory which I will cherish all along my life.Last but not the least,my personal loyalty for you will remain intact all along my life.

Warm Personal Regards
Pankaj Verma

1, Rajbhawan Colony


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