प्रदीप सौरभ फिर पहुंचे ‘नेशनल दुनिया’ अखबार, बने दिल्ली एडिशन के संपादक

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Pradeep Saurabh to Revive National Duniya Newspaper… Hindi news daily ‘National Duniya’ is to make a comeback under the leadership of senior journalist Pradeep Saurabh. Taking charge of Delhi office as the Editor for National Duniya Pradeep Saurabh has been given the challenging task of the revival of the National Duniya brand and publication.

Ace columnist, writer and journalist, Pradeep Saurabh comes with more than thirty years of experience. He has extensively worked in media from field reporting to desk roles. In all these years, Pradeep Saurabh has filed numerous reports, attended several national and international seminars, covered dozens of assembly and parliamentary elections as well as revolt and riots. He is also a popular face on political and social debates of various national TV news channels.

His specialization being Political analysis, he has made his contribution as a weekly columnist for 6 consecutive years on the editorial page of Hindi daily ‘Hindustan’. His profiling column has been very popular all through.

The ‘National Duniya’ newspaper, formerly known as ‘New Duniya’, was launched from Delhi and Jaipur under the leadership of Pradeep Saurabh. Later Saurabh moved to lead Haryana’s TV news channel ‘Search India’.

In addition to journalism, Pradeep has also written and edited many books, including ‘Munni Mobile’, ‘Teesri Taali’, ‘Desh Bheetar Desh’, ‘Aur sirf Titli’, ‘Bharat me Vigyapan’ and ‘Draukhat ka dard’ . He has edited these books titled ‘Bharatendukrit Andher Nagri’, ‘Sarveshwar ka rachna Sansar’, ‘Jo sirf khel tamasha nahin’. He is a great journalist, columnist and writer as well as a great photographer.

As a columnist / contributor, he contributed to Hindi daily ‘Aaj’, ‘Dainik Jagran’, ‘Bharat’, ‘Nutan kahaniya’ and ‘Medical Times’. Apart from this he has also contributed on senior posts in newspapers and magazines named ‘Weekly Hindustan’, ‘Hindustan’, and ‘The Sea Express’. He has also been the founder editor of the bilingual website Khabarchi.

For children, he also publishes ‘Nannhe-Munno ka akhbaar’ and quarterly literary magazine ‘Mukti’ from Allahabad.

Pradeep Saurabh has been a student of Jawaharlal University and prestigious media institute of Delhi, IIMC. He has also been awarded with many national and international prestigious honors, including Indu Sharma Katha Samman in London, Best Environmental journalist award from Himachal Pradesh Saraka; His novel “Teesri Titli” is included in Oxford University of London’s “Reading of novel’.

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