14 साल बाद इंडिया न्यूज़ ग्रुप छोड़ने के बाद ग्रुप मैनेजिंग एडिटर राम कुमार कौशिक ने आख़िरी पत्र में क्या लिखा, पढ़िए

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Dear friends!

Today I am leaving ITV Network after serving for 14 years. I am taking sometime off before going back to my passion – the exciting world on the intersection of content, technology and innovation, wherever it takes me.

As Assignment Head, Input Editor, Channel Head and the Network’s Managing Editor, I led our fantastic teams through 14 intense years of Product launchings, product management, transformation and deeper integration with products, tech and our content business. I could not be prouder of what we’ve achieved together, winning many accolades, gaining wide industry recognition and engaging our audience with our Journalistic work.

I am incredibly grateful for the many lessons and experiences which came about during my time with ITV Network, for the colleagues, past and present, who have become friends and who, no doubt, I’ll stay in touch with and cross paths with again in my career and life.

I could not think of a better industry leader – Founder than Kartikeya Sharma, who played the mentor’s role in transforming me – he turned a reporter in me into an editor. KS’ unflinching trust in me both professionally and personally is something I will cherish all of my life.

My feelings and wishes for ITV will remain the warmest, I will always see it as “my organisation”. I will, of course, be wholeheartedly cheering every product of ITV Network from the sidelines – and look forward to returning to the ever-exciting world of content after my break.

Thank you all – I would have liked to individually tag colleagues, who have been with me in this journey. But there are too many. I hope you will understand.


मूल खबर-

रिपोर्टर से मैनेजिंग एडिटर तक का सफ़र तय करने के बाद इंडिया न्यूज़ ग्रुप को रामकुमार ने कहा अलविदा!

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