राष्ट्र के नाम ‘सरकारनामा’ का संगीतमय पैगाम, सुनें

Sarkarnama by Abhijit Sarkar : Nationalism Special… Someone once said, “The honour of a nation is its life.” And guarding this honour are our soldiers who sacrifice more than just homes & comfort to keep this nation safe. They sacrifice blood and flesh.

As a nation, India has always risen like the phoenix in times of wars, conquests and tribulations. And holding true to the test of time are our soldiers and fighters who stand like the formidable wall between their people and the enemy. Nationalism knows no religion. All it comprehends is the love for one’s country.

SARKARNAMA pays a humble tribute to the spirit of Nationalism & India. May our love for our country always stay higher than our personal interests.




इन्हें भी देखें सुनें पढ़ें….

सहारा वाले अभिजीत सरकार क्या खूब गाते हैं, देखें वीडियो

नया साल : नेता से लेकर जनता तक से चुटकी ली अभिजीत सरकार ने, देखें-सुनें वीडियो

वेलेंटाइन डे के मौके पर अभिजीत सरकार ने ‘सरकारनामा’ में क्या कहा-बताया, सुनें

कृपया हमें अनुसरण करें और हमें पसंद करें:

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