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प्रयुक्ति अखबार के बागी संपादक मुकुंद को मालिक संपथ ने भिजवाया लंबा-चौड़ा पत्र, पढ़ें

Dear Mr Mukund,

Its gentle reminder to you to withdraw baseless allegations about organisation & Management.

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1. With mutual consent, you have signed full & final settlement, but you disclosed that agreement to the public. Isn’t it violations of the company rules ?(Encl: Your Facebook Post)

2. If management denies, then you have all legal ways to fight (if your concern is genuine), but instead of that you are just circulating false rumours about organisation through social media. Does it fetch any solution ?

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3. Due to your false words, organisation name & fame is damaging like anything, hence we demand you to say public apologies or prove all allegations which you made on organisation & management.

4. Salary matters are confidential between employer & employee. But you made it public. Through this actions you have violated company rules & proved that you don’t have any respect towards either organisation rules or law & orders of honourable court.

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5. Being a senior most employee & Head of the editorial team you have equal responsibility to protect organisation but when company has fruits you were in favour of the organisation & when company is dry you are intended to fry. Question your ethics & values.

7. In this regard, to communicate with you we have made numerous calls and you didn’t bothered to answer. In unavoidable conditions we are serving this message to your notice. If at all you don’t respond to this message as well, we have all rights to take necessary actions as per the rules framed by organisation.

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8. We always intended to maintain good relationship with all our employees & we maintained it too. But you are forcing us to take necessary actions, which we don’t want to.

9. Every organisation would have up & downs, presently we are facing down time. Due to that we might be delayed your payments but we never denied. And we explained financial situation of the company to you time to time and advised you to take decision according your family conditions. You claim yourself to be a senior most journalist so you better knew how difficult it is to run a newspaper, being a senior you must have sensed organisation situation and would have acted accordingly but you didn’t. Now you are defaming us ?

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10. Final appeal to you to feel apologised towards the organisation, admit your faults and co operate for smooth processing of further settlements or else management has all rights to take decisions as according to the rules framed by company laws.

Good Day.

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With Warm Regards,

Human Resources Team

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अब पढ़ें संपादक का जवाब….

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अखबार मालिक के पत्र का सम्पादक ने यूं दिया जवाब

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