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The Honorable President of India

Rashtrapati Bhavan

New Delhi-110004


Subject : Corona Pandemic – Root Cause & Solution

Respected Sir,

According to the Russian Scientist Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky, a pandemic on the earth is because of the radioactive storms happen on the sun in every 11 years cycle. This intense radioactivity results in huge dark spots on the surface of sun which cause a pandemic / epidemic on the earth. At the same time the sun finishes a 90 years cycle also. In first 45 years, the sun grows newer and newer which results in good health on the earth and in rest 45 years the sun grows older and older which produces a pandemic / epidemic on the earth.

According to the Cosmic Chemistry, the whole universe is an organic unity. The sun, earth and moon are related to affect each other and so the people on earth also get affected. The sun affects our body’s blood and the moon affects water in our body. Now days we are in a similar situation as there was Spanish flu pandemic in 1918-20 and now it is corona pandemic which can also last for 3 years.

The solution is Offering Water to the Rising Sun Worldwide to create a cosmic aura all around the globe so that the huge dark spots on sun reduce to smaller and lighter. Once these spots start decreasing the pandemics and epidemics on earth such as COVID-19, AIDS, cancer and others will lose their roots and we are able to kill these enemies in less than a year.

OSHO says, if the accidents on sun influence people’s health on the earth negatively then the vice versa is also correct. The meditative and peaceful activities on earth by the people are surely going to affect the dark spots of sun positively.

Thanks & Best Regards,


(Prem Divya)



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