DA calculation

DA calculation for Basic Pay under Gazette Notified 167 formula is more than DA calculation for Basic Pay plus Variable Pay under the wrong 189 formula. Here is the calculation for the same:

Basic Pay Rs 10,000
Variable Pay (Class II – 35%)  Rs 3,500
Total Rs 13,500

DA for Basic Pay Rs 10,000 under 167 formula
(269-167)* – Rs 6,107.78                                                
DA for BP plus VP, i.e., Rs 13,500 under 189
(269-189)**  – Rs   5,714.29
Calculations  – * (102 x 10,000) / 167
Calculations  – ** (80 x 13,500) / 189

So, it is advisable for us fight for DA under 167 formula first. Of course, we can fight for DA for Variable Pay also. I am not against it. If Variable Pay is mentioned in Table IV of Gazette we would have got DA for Variable Pay also long back. Somehow it got omitted in the Table IV. I wonder why.”

Thanks and regards,
S. Madhavan

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