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New Delhi : Why people should support my petition? Media is the fourth pillar of Indian democracy. Ensuring neutrality, impartiality and objectivity in news reporting is part of the Code of Ethics and Broadcasting Standards laid down by the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA), New Delhi, for violation of which a complaint may be made. The way media has been reporting the recent unfortunate death of Mr Gajendra at AAP rally on 22 April 2015 in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, is appalling, disgusting and horrendous.It is against two important codes of  Ethics and Broadcasting standards (ensuring neutrality; ensuring impartiality and objectivity in news reporting).


Please find the links to two video footage. The link below contained a clear reporting of the facts that happened on the day. But, it seems they were removed by the channel (hence, this link will not be working  now) http://www.ndtv.com/video/ player/news/ndtv-exclusive- what-happened-on-aap-stage- during-farmer-suicide/364864? video-mostpopular

Below is the video which was deleted by NDTV.

This video footage clearly show that on 22 April 2015 at Jantar Mantar during AAP rally in the afternoon

1.      People in the rally were not aware of the intentions of Mr Gajendra. They were focused towards the stage. At max they knew that someone had climbed up the tree.

2.      AAP supporters and the leaders on stage didn’t realise as they were focused towards the stage even when Mr Gajendra tied a cloth around his neck. The applause was for the speech from stage and not for his climbing the tree.

3.      As soon as AAP supporters and party leaders on the stage realised that Mr Gajendra’s intentions to climb the tree was not merely to get a view of the stage but something else, all AAP leaders requested the person to come down. They were away from the stage (hence, couldn’t go to the tree). They requested police to do the needful; but no response. In a matter of seconds when they realised that he is trying to commit suicide, they requested the police again; no response. Then the leaders requested the volunteers near the tree to do the needful. Volunteers risked their lives and tried to save him.

4.      Despite all this how can AAP be blamed? 

To summarize the above four points, even when the actual intention to commit suicide was being shown live on 22 April 2015, channels like NDTV had shown that people were not aware of what was happening and they were looking at the stage. All this happened in a matter of seconds or at max minutes. (I agree he was on the tree for more than an hour but the realization of the people about intention to commit suicide followed by the actual incident, occurred over some minutes. All that was possible was done.) One needs to also think what forced NDTV to remove the video from their official website?

Journalistic ethics are dead. Logic and reasoning, even video evidence, has no value.

Despite all this, Delhi chief minister came on camera, taking moral responsibility, apologized on 24 April 2015. Please find the link below:


Even after this, this one sided attack on AAP has not stopped. His taking moral responsibility is now being assumed to be his acceptance of guilt. Mr Asshutosh, AAP spokeperson, not able to bear the baseless attack on the party broke down in tears on a news channel.

There are innumerable instances where TV news channels have done biased reporting against AAP. for example, On 23 Apr 2015, 9 pm, Times Now debate number one, despite Mr Raghav Chaddha giving valid points defending Aam Aadmi Party, the kind of biased news reporting that was done in the show is mind boggling. Not just Times now, India TV, Zee news, and many more such news channels are reporting and interpreting news which didn’t appeal to my logic.

Why I started this? I started this petition because I simply couldn’t stand it. Blocking or  unsubscribing the channels is one option but not the solution. I was crying in anger when I saw the way reporting was being done: the kind of questions that were asked; and the tone of the questions. 

Today AAP is being targeted, tomorrow you may be targeted. We have to act now, intervene now and make our voice heard.

This is a typical example of media deviating from the main topic (farmer suicides) and focusing on something irrelevant. 

How it can make a difference?

I am sure that if sufficient number of people raise their voice against this, this will force the Chairperson of News Broadcasting Standards Authority to act and ensure the strict implementation of the Code of Ethics and Broadcasting by the News Broadcasters Association (NBA). 

If you agree with what I have written, I request you to support my petition to the chairperson of News Broadcasting Standards Authority, New Delhi.

With gratitude from change.org Hemant Shewade report 

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