ETV को अलविदा कह जगदीश चंद्रा Zee Media के रीजनल चैनलों के CEO बने

Jagdeesh Chandra quits ETV. : The longest serving CEO of any regional network in the country in the recent times, Jagdeesh Chandra, who was heading ETV for the last more than 8 years, has finally moved out from Network18 (which also controls ETV) to pursue other major opportunities and his future entrepreneurship designs.  Mr.Chandra was the initial choice of Shri Ramoji Rao and when Reliance took over the Network in 2012, Mr.Chandra also continued with Network18 and during the last five years, Reliance launched 8 new regional News channels under his leadership.

Mr.Chandra is credited to completely turnaround a loss-making regional News Network ETV into a profit-making venture.  Under his leadership, only during the last Financial Year (FY15-16), ETV Hindi and Urdu channels made a record EBITDA of Rs.87.04 crores. During the first six months (April-September) of the current year, under Mr.Chandra’s command, the entire ETV Network (13 ETV channels across 22 states), registered a record Ad revenue growth of 58.12%, as compared to the previous year.

On the editorial front, he succeeded in converting the ETV News channel, especially in the Hindi heartland, as the voice of the common man.  Mr.Chandra’s 8 year ETV contract had expired on 31st August, 2016 and since then he was working on an extended tenure.  An official Network18 communication, issued by Network18 Chairman Mr. Adil Zainulbhai says that…

Dear All,

Long before regional television news was even considered to be a bankable proposition, ETV News launched and spread its wings across the length and breadth of the country over the past two decades. Much of the aggressive growth that ETV News has seen can be attributed to the past decade when the brand spread across 15 states.

A large part of this growth has been led by ETV News head Jagdeesh Chandra who took over the mantle in 2008 and grew across states and drove revenues to a respectable level in regional news media. Under his leadership, not only did ETV launch in many states, the business also grew in size and stature. We owe him a deep sense of gratitude for what he has built.

Mr Chandra, 66, a veteran of regional news media and former bureaucrat, has finally decided to move on to pursue other interests and opportunities. We would like to thank Mr Chandra for his immense contribution to brand ETV and to the group as a whole. We wish him all the best for his future endeavour.

With this, we would like Rahul Joshi, CEO News and group editor of Network18, to take charge of all ETV businesses across the country with immediate effect.

Please join me in thanking Jagdeeshji and wishing him all the best for the future.

Thanks and regards,

Adil Zainulbhai

At this emotional moment, Mr.Chandra says that it was a great experience and a learning to work under the dynamic leadership of Shri Ramoji Rao and Reliance under Shri Mukesh Bhai and Manoj Bhai (Reliance). While making a special reference to Shri Manoj Modi, Mr.Chandra says that he is an execution miracle in the country. In fact, Reliance is a unique combination of Mukesh Bhai’s vision and Manoj Bhai’s execution.

After relinquishing his Etv Charge this afternoon, soon after Mr.Chandra joined Zee Media Corporation as its CEO of Regional channels which includes Zee Marudhara Rajasthan, Zee Madhyapradesh-Chhatisgarh, Zee Purvaiya ( Bihar-Jharkhand), Zee Uttarpradesh-Uttrakhand (India 24×7), Zee Salam, 24 Ghanta, Zee 24 Taas and Zee Punjab-Hariyana-Himachal Pradesh. Mr Chandra will be on a 5 year contract , which can be further extended with mutual consent. Mr.Chandra says that he is proud to be associated with the country’s largest and oldest television network Zee, which is controlled by an another legendary media icon Dr.Subhash Chandra.

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